Monday 13 February 2012

Enter: Number 2

The new guy working hard!

Die By The Beer blog welcomes “Kjetil” to the writing team! He’s also been referred to as “Bongo” here on the blog earlier. He has been a part of most of the stories/adventures here, but has not written any of them yet! Kjetil is 31 years old, has great taste in beer, he lives with his girlfriend and plays drums in the Norwegian hard rock outfit Upskirts. Kjetil and me have known each other for a very long time, and other than being beer tourists and band mates we also brew together. So to challenge Kjetil to write for this blog were the natural next step for the “Die By The Beer Blog” and for obtaining a higher XP-level of beer geekiness in general!

Trust us we're professionals!

Dear reader, beware this blog does not aim towards being objective and neutral. We are here to make you thirsty and to promote what we think is great beers. We are now two individuals, that’s one more than last year, our tastes differ but we have a common base. So hold on to your hats and get ready, more craft beer adventures are about to happen!

Homebrew from D.I.Y. Bryggeri!

We're now also in the second year of this blog, here’s a little taste of things to come before the summer:

And to think, once upon a time we used to travel to music festival and drink cheap lukewarm pilsners in the sun…

- Haffy

It used to look like this, it's dark because we drank the sun away!

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