Tuesday, 28 October 2014

1349 Black Ale by Surly & Lervig

So finally here it is, the first collaboration beer between the band 1349, Surly Brewing Company & Lervig Aktiebryggeri. A beer that's been in planning for 4 years. You can hear the story in the video and also enjoy the awesome majestic music of the premiere Norwegian Black Metal band 1349!

Please watch in full screen HD, turn up the volume!

I have of course tasted this massive brew and I have to say I LIKE IT! When I first saw the recipe I was like, Woah that's just insane! I don't know how it's possible, but it actually works. I think I would call it an Black Imperial Cascadian Barley Wine Style Stout, hehe. It's packed with dark malts and strong espresso coffee, some of the batch has been barrel aged and it's heavily dry hopped, this is just one crazy beer you have to try. Dark as the abyss of a black hole, full bodied like Anna Nicole Smith, with the aroma of burnt churches and race car tires, this 13,49 ABV strong beer will knock you out like a pissed off Mike Tyson on cocaine.

Approved by Haffy

So where can you try this beast of brew? At the release, it will be in the loft at Tou Scene in Stavanger at Halloween (Friday 31.10.2014) during the sold out beer festival What's Brewing, 1349 will be there and so will brewmaster Mike Murphy of Lervig. The event will start at 19:00, see you there...

- Haffy

Here's a link to a news story in Norwegian that I wrote for ølportalen.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Whats Brewing: Beer tap list part 2

Lists for the last 10 breweries, this can only become awesome! See you halloween...

7 Fjell (Bergen, Norway)

Høst - Saison Sombre, 8,0%
Vinter - American Strong Ale, 7,3%
7 Sorter - Christmas Ale, 6,5%
Svartediket - Black IPA, 7,0%
BØLL 2014 - Coffee Stout, 6,5%
Fløien - India Pale Ale, 6,9%
Mon Plaisir - Pale Ale, 4,7%
Tippetue - Petite Saison, 4,7%
Magnus Barfot - American Pale Ale, 4,7%
Småtøs - American Blonde, 4,7%

Comment: BØLL is the festival beer for Bergen Beer Festival, 7 Sorter is brand new!

Ægir (Flom, Norway) 

IPA 6.5%
Lærdøl Sour Cherry Rye 5.5%
Hrist & Mist Hefeweizen 5.5%
Eir Wasabi Saison 6%
Magni Tripel 8%
Hyrrokkin India Peated Ale 6%

Comment: My recommendation is the India Peated Ale, don't ask me how, but it works! 

HaandBryggeriet (Drammen, Norway)

Haandbakk 8% Flemish Sour
Humlesus 4,5% APA
Premium India Saison 6%
Humlekanon 7,5% DIPA
Cuvee #2 7,5% Sour ale
Haandbic 7.5% Lambic style with cranberries and currants aged in wine barrels
Tindbic 7.5% Lambic style with sea buckthorn, aged in wine barrels.
Wild Thing 7.5% Lambic style with cranberries and currants

Comment: Haand will bring both kegs and bottles, be sure to try their lambic style/sour ales.

Kinn (Florø, Norway)

Vestkyst 7% American IPA
Bøvelen 9% Belgian Trippel
Prestesonen 5,7% English Porter
Gamleguten 7% Brown Porter
Spesial #5, 4,7% American Pale Ale (Sorachi Ace)
Julefred 6,7% Scotch Ale
Tradisjon 5,5% Norwegian Farmhouse Ale with yeast from Voss
Svartekunst 10,5% Imperial Stout
Tomasmesse 10,5% Belgian Quadrupel
Ivar Aasen 10,5% English Barley Wine
Tradisjon 5,5% Norwegian Farmhouse Ale (Normal)
Jubileum 4,7% Brett Belgian Wit
Solsnu 7,5% Biere de Garde 

Comment: Several new beers from Kinn for you to enjoy, I'm specially looking forward to the Biere De Garde & the now 2 year old Tomasmesse. Kinn brings kegs and bottles.

Beavertown (London, England)

Earl Phantom 3.6% Berliner Weisse with tea
Red Currant & Sour Cherry Saison 6%
The Sun Also Rises 9% BA Saison (Collab with Napabier)
Passion Phantom 3.2% Sour
The Gose Strikes Black 4.8% Blackberry Gose
Gamma Ray 5.4% APA
Neck Oil 4.3% Session IPA
8 Ball 6.2% Rye IPA
Smog Rocket 5.4% Smoked Porter

Comment: One of the breweries I look most forward to, they also bring new beers for those of you who have tried them all...

Siren (Finchapstead, England)

Half Mast QIPA 2.8% Session IPA
The Tickle Monster 12% BA Tripple IPA
Empress Stout 8.5% (Collab with De Molen)
Undercurrent 4.5% APA
Haunted Dreams 6.5% Herb/Spice
Soundwave 5.6% IPA
Liquid Mistress 5.8% Amber
Beer Geek Daydream 12% (Mikkeller collab) White Stout

Comment: Brand new beer in the Mikkeller "Beer Geek" series.

Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark)

20 6.8% IPA
Chill Pils Yuzu 4.7% Fruit Lager
Crooked moon Tattoo DIPA 9%
It's Alive! (Chardonnay Barrel with Mango) 8% Sour
Juice Bag without Citrus 7.9% Sour (Collab with To Øl)
Mexas Ranger 6.6% Chili Porter
BA Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter 6% Porter
Skor Brun (No information exist about this beer)
SpontanDoubleElderflower 7.7% Lambic Style Fruit Beer
SpontanDoubleCherry 7.7% Lambic Style Fruit Beer

Comment: Looking forward to the Yuzu beers.

Beer Here (Køge, Denmark)

Kremlin Crude 10% Imperial Stout
Rocketfuel 5,5% English Style IPA
Dark Hops 8,5% Black IPA
Nordic Rye (2012) 8% Dansk Gemmeøl (Lager?)
Mørke 7,5% Spiced Porter

Comment: A small but solid line-up!

Nørrebro Bryghus (Copenhagen, Denmark)

New York Lager 5.2% Lager
Bombay Pale Ale 6.5% IPA
King's County Brown Ale 5.5% Brown Ale
Nørrebro Julebryg 7% Belgian Ale
Herbie (Witt) 6,4%
Latin King (Wheat Stout) 7,2%
Seven Imperial Stout (American Oak) 12%
Seven Imperial Stout (Islay) 12 %
Groseille Rouge 7,2 % BA Sour
Stevens CCC Vintage 2009 8,5% Sour
Little Korkny Ale Niepoort Barrel 12% Barley Wine
Honey Oakwine 10,5% (Braggot/Mead)
Honey Oakwine Blend 10,5% (Braggot/Mead)

Comment: Nørrebro brings many retired and rare beers, they're also the only ones bringing mead.

Dugges Ale & Porterbryggeri (Landvetter, Sweden)

Blå Bärliner 3,6% Berliner Weisse
Lingon Bärliner 3,6% Berliner Weisse
APA 5,0% American Pale Ale
Orange Haze 6,3% IPA
Barrel Aged Winter Warmer 6,5% Black lager
American Hops in the Ardennes 7,0% BelgoIPA (Collab with Mohawk)
High Five! 7,5% IPA
Old Ale 7,8% Old Ale
Almost Imperial 8,2% DIPA
Idjit! 9,5% Imperial Stout
Perfect Idjit 11,2% Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Belgo Stout 12,0% Imperial Stout (Collab with CAP)

Comment: Lots of new stuff from Dugges as far as I can see, or they totally don't know what their beers are called when they send out lists, either or looks like good stuff to look forward to. 

All In Brewing (Göteborg, Sweden) (NEW ADDITION)

Sofa King Premium Lager (Collab with Dugges) 4.5% Lager
Imperial Porter (Collab with Lervig) 8.5% Porter
RLGK 10517 Celebration Stout 12% Imperial Stout

Põhjala (Tallinn, Estonia) (NEW ADDITION)

Odensholm 9% Porter (Collab with Lervig)
ÖÖ 10.5% Baltic Porter
Virmalised 6.5% IPA)
Rukkirääk 5.9% Rye Ale)
Odensholm 9% Porter aged in pinot noir barrels (Collab with Lervig)
Must Kuld 7.8% Lactose Porter
Must Kuld 7,8% Porter with raspberries
Saak 6.7% Pumpkin ale

So now you have the complete line-up!

- Haffy

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Whats Brewing: Beer tap list part 1

Hey guys, it's soon time for the first craft beer festival ever in Stavanger. I'm super psyched, it's gonna be a blast and the festival is SOLD OUT! (Just about) Yeah! Anyways, here's the tap list for 17 of the breweries, more coming later, probably... :)

Austmann Bryggeri: (Trondheim, Norway)

Ekofisk 9.7% Imperial Stout
Ferdaminne 9.7% Imperial Brown Ale
Glasgow Kiss 6% Scotch Ale (Collab with Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri)
Humledugg 6.5% IPA
Northumberland 5.5% Brown Ale
Tre Gamle Damer 5.5% Belgian Pale Ale
Sjokolade og Kirsebærporter 7.5% Imperial Porter
Gyldenløve 6.5% Amber Ale

Comment: Austmann will bring both kegs and bottles.

Grünerløkka Brygghus: (Oslo, Norway)

Løkka Pors Pale Ale (Brewed with bog myrtle) 5,8%
Løkka Vinterbock med rug 6%
Løkka Røk (Lager Rauchbier) ?%
Løkka CDA Black IPA 5,5%
Løkka Jul 2013 5,8%

Comment: Løkka Vinterbock & Løkka Røk is still unreleased as this is published.

Lervig Aktiebryggeri: (Stavanger, Norway)

Farmhouse IPA (Magic Rock Collab 1st Generation) 6.5%
Farmhouse Rustique (Chardonnay BA 1st Generation) 6.5%
Farmhouse Rustique Cherry Edition ?%
Once You Go Black 13.5% (Best new beer Ratebeer May 2014)
1349 Black Ale 13.49% (Collab between: 1349/Surly/Lervig)
Odensholm 9% Porter (Collab with the Estonian brewery Põhjala)
Unfiltered Lucky Jack 4.7%
Galaxy IPA (Super fresh) 6.5%
Art collection IV: Konrad Cherry Port Barrel Edition ?%
Kringly Kris 4.7% (Jule Porter)
The Gose Strikes Back! Collab with Beavertown (Raspberry, Coriander and Sea salt) ?%

Comment: Lervig is bringing their a-game to this festival. Once You Go Black were awarded the title best new beer may 2014 by ratebeer, that's the CBC month, so very impressive. Several new beers here I know nothing about. 1349 the band is coming to the festival for the release of their first beer, it will be in the loft with brewmaster Mike Murhy on friday. A 13,49% strong dry hopped imperial and barrel aged something something awesome. More on that beer on this blog soon.

Lindheims Ølkompani: (Gvarv, Norway)

Cherry Farmhouse 7 % (Our dry house Saison with this years fresh tart cherries from our orchards.)

Nacho Libre 7,1 % (Our IPA or DIPA if you like. Lots of American hops and Nelson Sauvin in 1st worth. 90 Ibus. Originally a collab with Pizza Port (Ignacio Servantes) which became our regular IPA.)

O-pale 6,5 % (Oat pale ale with lots of American late addition hops. Dry hopped twice.)

Afraid of the Dark? 6,9 % (Coffee Stout made with lots of freshly roasted and grinded "Black Coffee" from Solberg & Hansen. A collab with Pizza port (Ryan Fields).)

No name yet... 4-5-ish % (Our Berliner weisse with sweet/tart Victoria plums from our orchards. Soured in our own way!)

Jacobs Hage 4,7 % (Fruit Gose. Local raspberries meets locally hand harvested sea salt from the coast of Oregon. Collab with Breakside Brewing Co. Did you say salt?)

Comment: Nacho Libre is possibly the best IPA in Norway when it's fresh!

Nøgne Ø: (Grimstad, Norway)

Chmiel Iunga IPA 6% (Collab with AleBrowar)
Citra Single Hop IPA 6%
Vic Secret IPA 7.5%
Kriek of Telemark 7% (2nd batch) Fruit Beer
Imperial Rye Porter 9% (Collab wit Terrapin)
Tindved 7% Wild Ale
Dark Horizon IV½ 16% (Bourbon BA) Imperial Stout
Underlig Jul 6.5% Spice Ale
NEW: God Jul Whisky Barell (Cask) 8.5%
NEW: Quadrupel Red Wine Barel Edition (Cask) ?%
Comment: 2nd batch of Kriek of Telemark is said to be even more sour than the first version.

Voss Bryggeri: (Voss, Norway)

Ujevnt Amber Ale 4.7%
Oregonian 6% APA
Vossaøl 6% Traditional Ale
Eldhus Staut 4.7% Stout
Engelsk IPA 6.5% IPA
Ut på tur 7.5% Unknown style

Comment: Ujevnt Amber Ale & Ut På Tur is still unreleased at the release of this article. What to ask the brewer about? Smoked hops, yes smoked hops, he he.

Buxton Brewery: (Buxton, England)

Red Raspberry Rye Sour 4.9%
New World Saison 6.3%
Nth Cloud 8.2% Double IPA
Rain Shadow 11.8% Imperial Stout
Far Skyline 4.9% dry-hopped Berliner Weisse
Stolen Fruit 4.6% Pink Grapefruit and Lime sour - Collaboration with Omnipollo
Jaw Gate 5.6% American Pale Ale
Wolfscote Black Sour 3.3%
Wild Boar 5.7% IPA

Comment: Really looking forward to these guys as I haven't tried much from them.

Hawkshead: (Kendal, England)

Wild Wheat 4.8% Brett Wheat Beer
Juniper & Hemp DIPA 7.5% (Collab with Lervig Aktiebryggeri)
IPA 7%
Damson Stout 4.5%
Oat Wine 8.8% Barley Wine Style Ale
ITI little NZPA 3.5% Pale Ale
Sundown 4.5% India Red Ale
Brodies Prime Export 8.5% Imperial Stout

Comment: Wild Wheat, Oat Wine, Sundown is brand new. Damson Stout haven't been around for years. Also note the Lervig collab Juniper & Hemp IPA for the Rainbow Project color green.

Magic Rock Brewing: (Huddersfield, England)

Acrobat: Apricot & Tarragon Saison 6.2%
Cannonball: India Pale Ale 7.4%
Pith Head: Lemon & Lime Saison 4.5%
Pogonophobia: Flanders Red 7.0% (Collab with Evil Twin)
The Great Alphonso (BA Brett): 18 month BA Bretted Mango Pale Ale 5.4% (Collab with Brodies)
Human Cannonball: Double India Pale 9.2%
Dark Arts: Stout 6.0%
Villainous: Vienna IPA 6.5%

Comment: Magic Rock will no doubt be the kings of the after party, but they also make awesome beers!

Edge Brewing: (Barcelona, Spain)

Stiletto - Saison 7.6%
Midnight Lullaby - BA Barley Wine 8.1%
Flor Del La Vidar - APA 4.7%
Hoptimista IPA 6.6%
Padrino Chocolate - Vanilla Porter 6.9%
White Liar - American Bitter 3.2%
Aigua De Canaletes - American blonde 4.4%

Comment: I know nothing about these guys, but they're rated pretty good on ratebeer, looking forward to it.

Birra Del Borgo: (Borgorose, Italy)

My Antonia 7,5% Imperial Pilsner (Dogfish Head Collab)
Re Ale 6,4% APA
Re Ale Extra 6,4% IPA
Stelle & Strisce 4,8% Blonde
Duchessa 5,8% Saison
Rubus 5,8% Fruit Beer with Raspberry

Comment: Be surprised by how hoppy a pilsner can be with My Antonia.

LoverBeer: (Torino, Italy)

Madamin 2014 6.2% Sour Red/Brown
BeerBrugna 2013 6.2% Wild Ale
Marchè'l Re 2013 8.5% Imperial Stout
D'uvaBeer 2014 8% Wild Ale
BeerBera 2013 8% Wild Ale
BeerBera 2014 8% Wild Ale

Comment: My personal favorite Italian brewery, will probably only bring bottles.

Birrificio Toccalmatto: (Parma, Italy)

Hops Tripper 6.9% DIPA
Zona Cesarini 6.6% IPA
B Space Invader 6.5% BIPA
Re Hop 5.0% APA
Toh Ki-Shu 10.5% Unknown style

Comment: Toh Ki-Shu is a new beer as far as I know.

Brouwerji De Molen: (Bodegraven, Netherlands)

Amerikaans 4.5% Bitter
Hamer & Sikkel 5.1% Porter
Hel & Verdoemenis 10% Imperial Stout
Pale Ale Citra 4.8% APA
Vuur & Vlam 6.2% IPA
Uitmuntend & Voorbeeldig Barrel aged 10.5% Imperial Stout
Bakker Wort Brouwer Bowmore BA 15,2% Imperial Stout

Comment: Hel & Verdoemenis is a world class Imperial Stout, one of my favorites. De Molen bring both bottles and kegs.

To Øl: (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Brown Paper Bag 8.5% Imperial Lager
Fuck Art - This is Architecture (St. Emillion) 5% Barrel Aged Belgian Ale
Liquid Confidence (Aged in Cognac Barrels) 12.2% Imperial Stout
Sort Mælk 13.1% Imperial Stout
Long Time No See 12.8% Imperial Stout
Sundancer 3% Pale Ale
Shameless Santa 10% Belgian Strong Ale
Sur Mosaic 6% Wild Ale

Comment: Long Time No See & the "Fuck Art" version listed has never been served in Norway before.

Evil Twin Brewing: (New York, USA)

Imperial Doughnut Break 11.5% Imperial Porter
Ron & The Beast Ryan 7% Saison
Sour Bikini 3% Wild Ale (Collab with Intangible Ales)
Femme Fatale Sudachi 6% IPA
Femme Fatale Kabosu 6% IPA
Femme Fatale Yuzu Pale 6% IPA
Femme Fatale Blanc 6% IPA
Nomader Weisse 4% Berliner Weisse

Comment: Imperial Doughnut Break is a bit of a curiosity as it is brewed with real doughnuts.

Pizza Port Brewing (Bressi Ranch): (Carlsbad, USA)

Swami's India Pale Ale 6.8%
Chronic Amber Ale 4.9%
Ponto Sessionable India Pale Ale 4.5%

Comment: These beers come in cans.

See you on Halloween in Stavanger over a beer !
- Haffy

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Whats Brewing: 3 new breweries

So here's 3 new breweries coming to What's Brewing the 31st of October & 1st of November. See you there! Buy your tickets at: whatsbrewing.no

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Whats Brewing - A beer festival in compliance with the law

After the the local newspaper told the story of how "What's Brewing" were not allowed by local alcohol law enforcers to advertise who's coming to their festival on their own official pages, I decided to push forward my interview with them. This interview is not only about the problem with the law, but a look into the idea behind the festival that will be "What's Brewing." The breweries, the music, the food & the people behind it. The people you meet in this video is Charles Magne Melhus (Brewer, Lervig Aktiebryggeri), James Goulding (Also Lervig) & Andreas Melvær. (Grapic designer at Melvær & Lien) Enjoy!

This is gonna be awesome! Buy your tickets at www.whatsbrewing.no

This image is now removed from Whats Brewing's facebook account,
please join the legal "Followers of Whats Brewing" page.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Stavanger Brygghus Intervju

Intervju gjort etter "Den Spiselige Bydel" festivalen 24.7.2014 under Gladmat i Stavanger. Vi pratet med Nils-Henrik Stokke fra Stavanger Brygghus og Anders Cooper fra Austmann vedrørende deres samarbeidsplaner før "Stavanger Brygghus", Stavanger sitt første mikrobryggeri får sitt eget bryggeutstyr. Intervjuet er uredigert da jeg synes samtalen fløt veldig bra.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Jester King: Wild, wild yeast & Law and order in Texas (Interview)

We spent the day after this years Copenhagen Beer Celebration at Amager Bryghus just outside of Copenhagen. They had invited the mighty Jester King to do a collaboration brew with them. A re-brew of the classic English ale yeast version of the Black Metal Imperial Stout were made, of course with some few adjustments and re-baptised to Danish Metal. Henrik Papsø of Amager were nice enough to invite us and some other bloggers and brewers. It was a really nice sunny afternoon with BBQ and beer. We decided to have a little chat with one of the the owners of Jester King; Ron Extract and the head brewer Garrett Crowell. We initially planned to cover more subjects but the Jester King guys were very thorough on the subjects we talked about and we think 19 minutes is enough! Enjoy the interview!

Danish Metal should be available at some good beer shops in Denmark and possibly other countries shortly. Lay down your souls to the gods rock 'n' roll... Black Metal!

- Haffy

Friday, 30 May 2014

Haand Ølfestival 2014

Howdy people!

It's friday and the sun is indeed shining again, just like last week in Drammen. First of all I'm very happy to inform all you readers/viewers that the sound issue we've been struggling with is over. So sit back, crack open a beer and enjoy our interviews with LoverBeer, Harpoon Brewery, Alvinne, BFM, Haandbryggeriet & Voss.


Thursday, 22 May 2014

CBC 2014: The Movie (The best, the rest & what's left)

This is the last post from Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014. In this video we talk to the Brewdog head brewer about their signature flavor, my first thought goes to the Slurm factory in Futurama, hehe. Jeppe from Evil Twin explains his latest creation the Imperial Doughnut Break. Närke introduces us to beer made with anal glands from a beaver. B. Nektar gives us their secrets to make sessionable meads. Cheese man from Arna Unika explains the ridiculously awesome cheese made for CBC exclusively. Stian Krog of Bergen beer festival tastes a Berliner Weisse from The Kernel. We catch up with Doug from Cycle who actually managed to bring some beer this year! And Alejandro from the Brazilian Way Beer gives on insight about the amazing craft beer revolution going on in Brazil. I'm very happy with this video, hope you are too! Like & share the shit out of it!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Green Flash: Le Freak (Interview)

Great brewery with great beers! Enjoy the interview. From Copenhagen Beer Celebration.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Siren Craft Brew: Beer Blending & Barrel Aging

It was at the original Brewdog bar in Aberdeen back in 2011 that I first were introduced for the idea of blending beers. Evil Twin had just released the Yin & Yang, great beers separately but also together. Siren Craft Brew takes this a few step further, like in the tradition of making an "Grand Cru", like Rodenbach do where you mix a fresh and an aged beer to make a higher quality product. This brewery is really awesome and I can't wait to try more of their beers at Stavanger's very own first beer festival "Whats Brewing" the 31st of October.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Freigeist Bierkultur: Reinheitsgebote, nein!

Probably the best brewery in Germany. Maybe that's taking it far but these guys are really great! I really like their beers and kudos to them for keeping alive the interesting parts of German beer history; Gose & Berliner Weisse.


Monday, 12 May 2014

Hoppin' Frog & Westbrook: Gose (Interview)

The first time we met Fred Karm of Hoppin' Frog was at Sour & Bitter 2012, the day before the first CBC started. Boris were one of our favorite Stouts, (still is) but we hadn't tried Doris yet. For us Doris were a bit of a white whale, like Captain Ahab we had chased it from place to place, always to late to catch it. It just happened to be that it was in the menus of many of the pubs we visited back then, but when we ordered it we always got the same message: Sold out, just sold the last bottle, too late, can't find it, the bottle vanished before my eyes and so on. Before the last day of CBC that year we had finally managed to tracked it down at Mikkeller Bar, and sweet joy was it good! Mmm-mmm! And like he had the prophetic gift of Nostradamus when we walked into CBC that last day, Fred asked with an Super Mario Italian accent; "So you tried the Doris yet, huh"? Indeed we had!

I also included another short interview in this video with Edward from Westbrook.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Funky Buddha: Beers that tastes like meals (Interview)

Chocolate-covered Cherry Porter, Maple Bacon Coffe Porter, Peanut Butter Cup Brown Ale. Jiiiz. What`s going on. It's Funky Buddha Brewery from Florida, and they are one of those brewerys you have to try if you get a chance. To quote: "If we say a beer will taste like peanut butter and jelly, you can be sure you'll smell and taste the fresh roasted peanuts and fruity berry jam". Enjoy the interview!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Lervig & Magic Rock: Collaboration (Interview)

If you like your beers like I like my humor, you'll love the Lervig/Magic Rock collaboration Farmhouse IPA. It's super dry, a little bit funky, fruity and spicy. The Chardonnay barrel aged version Rustique is quite different but even better. A little sourness and some acidity, nice aroma of the barrel and even more fruity than the normal version. Anyways as both Mike Murphy and Stuart J. Ross were at Copenhagen Beer Celebration I had to talk to them both. It was a little bit noise and neither of the interview subjects were loud talkers. Cheers & enjoy!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Surly & Three Floyds: Metal, beer festivals & ratebeer (Interview)

Wanting to try all the beers at Copenhagen Beer Celebration is harder than collecting Pokemon, no you can't catch them all. But there were two breweries many tried to catch and those were Surly Brewing from Minnesota and Three Floyds from Indiana. Since they both brought some of their their biggest guns, the Surly Darkness and Three Floyds Dark Lord Vanilla Bean BA version why not have a little chat about these "Super Stouts". I joined Chris Boggess and Todd Haug outside the venue of the beer festival for a chat about metal music, the mentioned beers, the beer festivals they arrange (Darkness day & Dark lord day) and ratebeer. Here's the result:

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sake: En ny verden av godsaker

Bilde: Nøgne Ø

Jeg, Helge og linselusen Vidar «Slemmy» (DBTB sitt tredje støttehjul og haugalandets stolthet) liker å kjøre ølsmakinger. Vi er veldig glad i ølsmakinger. Det vil si; å kjøre like øl , hele serier fra bryggerier og ikke minst årganger opp mot hverandre, og i etterkant sitte å krangle om hvilken som eeeegentlig var best etter at promillen for lengst har overskredet grensen for ulovlig scooter kjøring i indre Finnmark. På denne måten har den en gang så flotte ølkjelleren min krympet inn til en blek skygge av en gjennomsiktig Miller Light flaske. Da varmer det jo hjertet godt når det ligger en hentelapp i postkassa og avsender tilfeldigvis er en koselig liten nedlagt kraftstasjon i Grimstad. Jeg kaster meg i bilen, setter på Electric Eel Shock og cruiser ned Misjonsveien mens jeg plystrer kvalmende til japansk balle rock. Vel hjemme igjen åpner jeg denne mystiske pakken fra det joviale sør, og hva annet et 3 flakser med Grimstad sake spretter opp av esken som gjenoppståtte tamagotchi'er. It's on!


Dette betyr jo sake smaking med sushi fra Sabi. Uten tvil. Det var ihvertfall planen. Når selve kvelden kom hadde vi ingen sushi, ingen vhs kassett med Seven Samurai, men vi hadde 3 flasker med sake, rettelse, 4 flasker med sake, siden det hadde ramlet noen flasker fra NØ ned i kjelleren min tidligere. Jeg kan bare si med en gang at hverken jeg, Helge eller Vidar hadde noe særlig god kjennskap til sake fra tidligere. Jeg og Helge hadde vært borti NØ sine tidligere, og Vidar hadde vel ramla over en flaske på et sent nachspiel på Karmøy en kald vinter natt i '98, men utover det var ingen av oss særlig kunnskapsrike eller bekjent med sake. Siden planen opprinnelig var å gjøre en video smaking som skulle legges ut på bloggen, leste vi oss opp på emnet, vi brukte minst 15 minutter på dette og følte oss kunnskapsrike nok til å starte. Det vi fant ut i etterkant var at ikke bare er sake sterk kost på tom mage, men man blir også veldig brisen og skravlete av det når 3 mann deler 4 flasker på 60 minutter. I etterkant ser vi at videoen kanskje mest egner seg som hjelp til selvhjelp video, men den gjorde ihvertfall at jeg kunne se den, og huske hva jeg mente om de forskjellige variantene vi prøvde. (Det gjorde jeg ikke dagen derpå.)

Jeg kan fortelle at alle sakene vi drakk tilhørte stilen som kalles Junmai, en sake som er mer tradisjonell, der man polerer bort mellom 30-40% av risen som brukes i selve brygget. Poleringen skyldes at man vil fjerne oljer og proteiner og bruke mer av stivelsen innerst i kornet. Sakebrygging minner mer om ølbrygging, da risen blir mesket, før den blir dampet. Risen går da gjennom flere stadier og ikke minst flere parallelle gjæringsprosesser, før den lagres i inntil 12 måneder. Det blir også ofte tilsatt alkohol for å fremme smaker, men ikke i alle typer. I Junmai tilsettes ikke alkohol.

Bilde: Nøgne Ø Blogspot

De tre typene vi drakk var følgende:

Junmai-Shu 16% (Batch 21, 2014)
Junmai-Shu 16% (Batch 1, 2010)
Junmai Ginjo-Shu 16%
Yamahai Motoshibori 19%

1. Jumai-Shu batch 21 16%

Denne var lys i fargen, nesten litt vann aktig i utsende. Den var floral, men allikevel tilbaketrukket i aroma og hylleblomst ble trukket frem i lukten. Den lyse fargen gav assosiasjoner til hvitvin, og det samme fikk du i smaksbildet, der det også var en hint av melon. Alkoholen lå fremme på tunge, og den varmet godt. Saken var veldig frisk og litt syrlig. Av denne og #1 fant vi ut at dette var terrassekosen og #1 var peiskosen.

2. Junmai-Shu batch 1 (April 2010) 16%

Denne 4 år gamle saken var mye mørkere og kunne minne om pils i fargen. Enda mer floral i aroma, og den hadde en sødme i lukten som minnet om mjød og blomster. Alkoholen bet kraftigere på tunga, og den hadde innslag av korn i smaken. Den var nesten som en 16% whisky å regne i munnfølelsen.
Veldig spennende å prøve disse to opp mot hverandre når det var 4 år mellom dem. Det skal sies at siden vi snakker om #1 og #21 så kan det tenkes at prosessen, kunnskapen og bryggeteknikken de bruker hos NØ har utviklet seg, og at denne utviklingen vi så i saken over 4 år ikke nødvendigvis vil skje med de nyere bryggene. Allikevel var det veldig interessant å kjøre disse opp mot hverandre.

3. Junmai Ginjo-Shu 16%

I Ginjo-Shu poleres 40% av risen polert bort i tillegg til at den har lavere gjæringstemperatur enn Junmai. Fargen minner om limonade, og aromaen er veldig frisk. Hint av honningmelon, epler og pærer. Den virker søtere og ikke minst rundere enn de andre to med sin lette kropp og syrlighet.

4. Yamahai Motoshibori 19%

Denne saken er det jeg vil kalle en liten mødderføkker. Her snakker vi sakens svar på en belgisk sur. I prosessen, der de bla tilfører laktisk syre, vil også saken bli utsatt for naturlige mikrober, på samme måte som mange belgiske bryggerier tillater i prosessen. Selv om det foregår i mer kontrollerte former enn i Belgia, utvikler denne saken seg i en helt ny retning, og dette kan regnes for selve kremen av kremen når det gjelder sake. Her snakker vi syrlig og funky aroma i Cantillon style med hint av pære og eple (i positiv forstand) Nydelig frisk og farmhouse aktig. Smaken er frisk og funky, samt vinøs og søtere enn de andre, med epler og pærer som en gjenganger. Lettere gul farge og anbefales å drikkes lettere avkjølt. Uten tvil den beste av de 4. En ren nytelse. Stikkordet her er konsentrert umami, så vet du ikke hva umami er så må du smake denne, da blir det meget tydelig. Jeg får vann i munnen bare av tanken på denne.

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Så der har vi det. Tre lettere svimle og litt klokere hoder. Fortsatt nybegynnere og fortsatt mye å lære. Men litt fikk vi med oss, og dette skal uten tvil gjentas i sin opprinnelige form, med god sushi som tilbehør. En annen spennende nyhet er at NØ i disse dager snart er klar med sin sparkling sake. Det gleder vi oss til. Vil du lære mer om sake kan følgende sider anbefales:

Sake Nøgne Ø Blogspot
Sake World
Apéritf om Sake
Kjetil Jikiun om Sake

Skål og god påske!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Edle Dråper: Whisky, Konjakk, Akevitt & Ølmesse

Nå er det en liten stund siden vi har hatt noe nytt å formidle her på siden, og da passet det jo bra at en mannebrus-messe gikk av stabelen i helgen på Røde Sjøhus. Nemlig Edle Dråper, som arrangeres av eventbyrået Høydepunkt. Sist gang, i 2012, het den Øl og Akevittmesse.

Carolina fra Palmer Group hadde med svensk IPA & pale ale.

Av programmet kunne jeg se at hovedtyngden i år lå mer på konjakk og whisky, med et lite utvalg av norsk akevitt. Av bryggerier som tok turen var det kun to lokale, Lervig og Berentsen, samt Mo Laksegård, som er et konferansesenter i Sand, som tok med sitt eget øl som produseres for kundene deres på forskjellige arrangementer og events.

James & David fra Lervig Aktiebryggeri serverte snadder-øl.

Det første som møter meg når jeg kommer inn døra er glad gjengen fra Lervig. De har muligens fått beste stands i huset og står og gliser. Av programmet står det at de bare skal ha med 4 øl, men de er tydeligvis i det spandable hjørnet og hadde like godt tatt med hele Brewers Reserve serien, minus Barley Wine, hele butikkstyrke Iddis serien og hele co-lab serien med Fandes Ipa, Farmhouse Ipa, We Love Wheat samt Siste Dans som de lagde for Kaizers Orchestra. De hadde også tatt med en helt fersk, filtrert utgave av Johnny Low, som var helt klar og nydelig. Man merker at litt av humle aromaen er borte, men den er ihvertfall fri for floaters og er fortsatt veldig hoppy. Jeg tror denne blir perfekt å drikke mens man leker med motorsag i hagen. De hadde også med en smaksprøve av et nytt heftig brygg som kommer til å dra deg i skjegget, men her skal jeg ikke avsløre for mye. Man kan si at det skjer mye spennende på Hillevåg for tiden.

Aleksander tapper et hjemmebrygg på Bryggselv sin stand.

Bryggselv hadde også stand i år som sist og her i regi av Aleksander og Hege hvor de stilte ut produkter for hjemmebrygging. Her var det alltid fult med nysgjerrige folk som tydeligvis syns hjemmebrygging er spennende og jeg tror ikke de fikk hvilt beina så mye på den standen. Kim Odland fra ABC Brewing serverte oss Svartediket Black IPA fra 7 Fjell som forhåpentligvis får det nye bryggeriet sitt levert i Bergen de kommende dagene.

Kim Odland kjent fra ABC Brewing
representerte Bergens-bryggeriet 7 Fjell.

Videre til Berentsens ser jeg at de har skiftet ut flaske-sortimentet sitt og gått over til 0,33 l. flasker isteden for de massive 0,5 l. flaskene de hadde Skumring, Rav og Bombay på. Alle har også fått nytt design og ser mye bedre ut. De kan også vise til en ny pol-øl som kommer til våren, en Dortmunder, så for de som er glade i tysk lager er det noe å glede seg til.

Harald Berentsen snakker om Berentsens Brygghus sin nye øl.

Jeg rusler videre inn i lokalet og ser et kjent fjes. Sean har tatt turen for Beer Enthusiast og har med en av mine nye favoritter, Ritterguts Gose, en tysk ale som er nært beslektet med de mer kjente øl-stilene av surøl man finner i Belgia. I Stavanger finner jeg denne på Matkroken, men vet at Meny også tar den inn og Vaaland på Bryne har den. Rett og slett et råskinn av en butikk-øl.

Whisky & IPA, ja i følge Stefan fra Maltmisjonen.

Videre går turen opp i andre etasje der de virkelig dyre edle dråpene befinner seg. De første jeg treffer på er gjengen fra Daracha, som har med et meget imponerende repertoar av skotske malt whiskyer. Her kommer jeg i prat med Stefan Williams Hansen som driver Maltmisjonen. Jeg får blant annet testet ut en nydelig BenRiach 17 Septendecim sammen med en hoppy pale ale jeg røske med meg fra svenske Södra Maltfabriken. Trikset er først å smake på en fruktig røykt whisky for så å sippe litt pale ale. Rett og slett en fantastisk smaks-kombinasjon. Jeg er glad i røyk whisky og øl, men har heller kjørt whisky opp mot mørke kraftige ales, men her opplevde jeg noe veldig spennende.

Denne mannen kunne sin brennevin!

Det er sikkert mange som mener jeg banner i kjerka nå, men konjakk interesserer meg ikke så veldig. Jeg syns det til tider blir for skarpt, for mye alkohol og for mye fat-preg i forhold til de whiskyene jeg liker. "Blasfemi" roper dere sikkert i kor, men det er nå sånn at vi ikke kan like alt. Derfor skipper jeg lett De Luze, 15 typer Bache Gabrielsen, Martell, Tesseron og Chateau De Laubade og beveger meg bort til noe mye mer interessant hos "Bare Det Beste" som har valgt å stille ut en hel del sherry samt kveldens råeste smaksopplevelse, nemlig Bodegas Tradicion Platinum Solera Grand Reserva Brandy de Jerez. Ja, den har et langt navn, ja jeg motsier meg selv men så er brandyen da lagret 40 år på fat. Denne var så tøff at jeg måtte prøve den to ganger. Det tappes kun 500 flasker av denne i året, så det var uten tvil en kjempe-mulighet til å prøve noe jeg kanskje aldri kommer til å kjøpe en flaske av selv. Med preg av gammelt treverk, tobakk, sjokolade, dadler & rosiner og en nydelig varm sødme sklir denne lett inn som en av de bedre smaksopplevelser jeg har hatt på lenge. Siden vi allerede hadde fått bakoversveis kunne jeg og Haffy like godt teste oss gjennom sherry utvalget deres fra Lustau (Ammontillado vors 30, Palo Cortado vors 30, Pedro Ximenez vors 20). Sherry er noe jeg forbinder med gamle damer som lukter rart, men vips så ble jeg en av dem selv for dette var godt. Vi jobbet oss gjennom lyse "lette" varianter til mørkere, fyldigere dessert sherryer. Det er gøy å prøve nye ting, og ihvertfall når de som serverer er lidenskapelig opptatt av varene de formidler.

40 år gammel Brandy ved siden av en flaske 30 år gammel Sherry.

Etter en liten matpause og en pust i bakken bar det rett inn i manesjen igjen med målrettet gange mot InterBev sin stand, og da spesielt Bowmore. Bowmore er en gammel favoritt og her var det to stykker jeg ikke hadde prøvd tidligere; 23 yo Port Matured og Devil's Cask. Den korte historien bak Devils Cask var at Djevelen ble jaga ned i Bowmore destilleriet. De lette over alt, men fant ham ikke og de trodde senere at han slapp unna ved å gjemme seg i en tønne som ble sendt inn til fastlandet. Nydelig var den hvertfall.

Godsaker fra Bowmore.

Vi avsluttet dagen med å mingle, snakke med gamle kjente og fortelle skrøner. Dagen hadde vært særdeles vellykket. Jeg hadde fått mange nye smaksopplevelser og ikke minst et nytt forhold til drikkevarer jeg kan veldig lite om fra før. Messen var veldig bra i mine øyne. Jeg valgte bevisst bort foredragene, da tiden var kort, men jeg fikk inntrykk av de som gikk på dem at de var veldig bra. Man kunne for eksempel se NRK veteran Torkjell Berulfsen, Bryggselv om hjemmebrygging med Aleksander Baustad, Norske Akevitters Venner fortelle om norsk akevitthistorie og Arcus sin historie om eventyret Braastad.

Min venn Kim prøver vellagret Calvados.

Alt i alt er jeg veldig fornøyd og syns Høydepunkt klarte å gjennomføre en veldig bra messe med tydelige forbedringer fra 2012. Dette er jo ikke det samme som Bergen Ølfestival, Ølfestivalen på Nærbø eller Haandbryggeriets sin festival som er ensrettet mot øl, men en veldig fin anledning til å prøve nye godsaker som man kanskje ikke får anledning til ellers i året, og ikke minst finne nye favoritter blant nye og gamle kjente. Som Edle Dråper sier på sin Facebook side i dag: Kanskje vi har startet en årlig tradisjon i Stavanger. Det hadde vært fint.

- Kjetil

Friday, 31 January 2014

Looking back and looking forward! (2013/2014)

Yes, another year has passed and I'm late as always with this yearly sum up article. 2013 was a great year for this blog and we had 4 times the hits compared to the two years before combined, but then again we also had more articles out last year than the two years before. 2013 were also the year of the interviews and festival videos, and the running time of the videos we put out throughout the year is as long as a Lord of the Rings movie. I'm proud of that! :)

Haffy at Cardinal (Photo: Erik Furulund)

Last year I started this article with apologizing that I hadn't written enough, I'm not going do that this year, cause I probably won’t write as much in 2014 as I did in 2013. But fear not, I'm working on several projects that will find it's natural spot right here on this blog. Quality over quantity! (And Kjetil is free to write as much as he fucking wants!) Before I start listing highlight I have to say that the beer bloggers in Norway really got better during the year that has passed, I specially like those who write stories, articles or does interviews and not reviews, ratebeer got all the beer reviews I need dudes, unless you get hold of something brand new or totally unique...

Kjetil & DBTB hangaround Slemmy

Most Popular Articles Of 2013:
30 minutes of video, a road movie with interview with the best brewers in the world! Surly, Three Floyds, Lervig, Mikkeller, De Molen and many other, sure! Haven't watched it? Do something about it!
2. Lervig Johnny Low: Both tasty and low in alcohol?
We managed to beat everyone on the story of Lervigs first session beer Johnny Low, a really successful beer that made waves in the "light" beer market.
Hanne Frosta & Stian Krog with VANØ Bergen dished up an amazing festival with all the best Norwegian breweries, we caught it on tape, check it out!

The article that took most effort in 2013:
I made four articles on the subject of IPA, three of them interviews and this huge article. I'm very proud of it, please check it out if you haven't!

Best Beers I Tried In 2013:

Lervig Farmhouse Stout (1st edition)
Discovered this one by a fluke at my local, I rarely drink two of anything in a row, I had three of this in a row. 

Lervig Barley Wine (13%)
The ultimate barrel aged Barley Wine, you like big fat beers and bourbon? Then this one is for you! Probably my favorite BW in the whole world!

Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
What can I say about this beer? It fucking rocks, at least the 1st edition of it! Vanilla, vanilla, chocolate, coffee and more fucking vanilla!

Rodenbach Caractere Rouge
Drank this straight after drinking a Vintage 2010 and I thought that was the beer of the year until I tried this amazing brew! Words can't describe how awesome this flemish red is....

Bridge Road/Nøgne Ø Aurora Australis
I can't believe it's quadruple, a really successful experiment!

Surly Darkness
Finally I got to try this Imperial Stout and I promise you it did not disappoint! Surly is one of the best breweries in America!

Ritterguts Gose
Gose is really "in" now in America, and I understand why! Lawnmower beer taken to the next level!

Tilquin Oude Quetsche
Wow, just wow, Tilquin does it again! This one is not for pussies! We're talking sour!

To Øl Dangerously Close To Stupid
Couldn't stop drinking this Imperial IPA after CBC, after all those extreme beers at the festival, this was the best beer in the world for a few hours! Drink it fresh!

De Molen/Alvinne/Haandbryggeriet/LoverBeer European Sour Blend
Best collaboration of 2013, such a great sour, mmmmm....

Me drinking Urquell Nefiltrovaný in Plzeň

Personal highlights of 2013:
Man, 2013 has been a ridiculously good year for Norwegian craft beer and beer in general. I had so much fun at all the festivals I attended, including the local festival Nærbø Ølfestival that I think should step up their game and go annual. My local brewery Lervig keep amazing me we superb beers, I love them all except for the X-mas beer, which I think could be so much more! The beer community and everything has been really tight throughout 2013, though the sale of the majority of Nøgne Ø's stocks to HansaBorg divided a lot of beer geeks, shit just got serious! When it comes to brewing, Bryggselv made our lives a lot easier when they opened a store in Stavanger. Me and Kjetil have made better beers than we did in 2012 and for 2014 we plan on taking on some pretty cool experiments that will find its place in these pages. I also arranged two movie screenings of "Beer Hunter: The Movie" in Sandnes and Stavanger, the first being a national premiere, and Kjetil interviewed the film maker himself. Back in the beginning of the year me and Kjetil also won a home brewing contest, which I think was pretty awesome! It's hard to single out just one moment, but the Copenhagen Beer Celebration experience is hard to beat!

The best beer I had from a plastic glass in 2013.

Thoughts for 2014:
Trends change all the time in brewing, and I think most older beer geeks been through their barrel-aged, brett & sour, Belgian, über-hopped & super strong beer periods. I believe that we're not done with the session beer trend that's been a thing for a while, I also believe we will see more old styles resurface like gose, berliner weisse and gruit beers and other local traditions coming forth, like what's going on up in Voss with the smoking of ingredients in the traditional smokehouses and the use of juniper branches. I also just read somewhere that alcoholic ginger beer is in the wind, which suits me just fine as it's the best most refreshing beer I brew myself. I'm not so sure of how successful the trend to mix wine with beer will be just yet, but if there's one thing beer geeks don't deserve to be called it's prejudice!

Hope to see you all around, but until then....