Sunday 23 September 2012

The Kjetil Jikiun of Nøgne Ø Interview

Andrew (NØ), Bo (Lervig) & Kjetil (NØ) at Henrik after festival!

Nøgne Ø translates to the naked island, NØ started back in 2002. Today partners Tore Nybø & Kjetil Jikiun run it. I met Kjetil Jikiun the head brewer at Bergen Ølfestival Saturday September 8th. After trying all the beers they brought, some more than once I introduced myself and stated my porous. Kjetil replied "Ah stick around, we're soon run out of beers, we can do it then!" The interview was done after Nøgne Ø sold out all their beers around one hour before the festival was over. I even think they got some beers from a pub in Bergen to not run out earlier, I know some other breweries got that anyway. Many of the attending breweries sold out all their beers as the attendance turned out to be way more than anyone ever planned or dreamt of, in other words the festival was a success! And Kjetil had spent two long days on his feet on cobblestone talking to the festival goers about the beers. Now here at the end he's gotta deal with me (Haffy) and my questions. Before we turned on the camera sounds like "Ahhh, ohhh & whooo" came out of his mouth, "It's good to finally sit down". "It's not only about the product you know, it's also about people" said Kjetil to me. "If your interested in craft beer you also have to be willing and interested in talking to people at festivals and welcoming your fans to the brewery." I did my best to be nice and we talked for around 15 minutes while the festival volunteers were running around and obviously searching for something! (I tried to edit them out!) If they found it I don't know, but I found a great interview object, and you can see the result below!

This time the picture quality is lower than in my other videos; I used a borrowed camera that I'd never tested indoors before. But the sound quality is good! So enjoy the interview, I think it's a good one...

If you’re not familiar with Nøgne Ø's beers I recommend you try some, my favourites are: #100, Two Captains, Imperial Rye Porter & Imperial Stout. These are all heavy beers, barley wine, Imperial IPA-Porter & Stout. If you’re in a Norwegian grocery store you might find their tasty "Havrestout", a 4,5% stout made with lots of oats, one of the best low alcohol beers in Norway! But seriously, Nøgne Ø is a brewery that I can drink and enjoy almost every beer they've ever made. My favourite Norwegian brewery easy...

Mike Murphy (Lervig) & Kjetil chatting after the beer festival!

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