Monday 14 October 2013

Interview with Brewmaster Václav Berka of Pilsner Urquell

I specially recommend this interview for people who work with selling beer in one form or another. I believe there is something to learn from Václav and Pilsner Urquell.

While I was doing a freelance job in Pilsen, Czech Republic to cover Pilsner Urquell's 171st anniversary, (05.10.2013) including the International Master Bartender competition. I suddenly got the opportunity to get a short interview with Václav Berka the Trade Brewmaster of Pilsner Urquell. With very little time to prepare and no cut-in clips recorded or other fancy stuff I did the interview in a dark back alley in front of a restaurant, I decided to not edit it at all cause I think the interview itself is good enough to be presented uncut. (Also I don't have cut-in clips ;))

My friends and followers know I'm no lager boy, but I have to say that both the city of Pilsen and Václav impressed me, those Czechs sure know how to brew a mean bottom fermented beer, and best of them all were Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrovaný, the unfiltered version of the beer already widely available all around the world. I tried it in the basement under the brewery from the huge oak barrels, were it is less bubbly and have a stronger diacetyl taste, a really cool atmospheric place to drink beer! I also tried it from tap many places and that was really refreshing and good, mmm with a big fat head and nice bitterness, some hops, full bodied and with some yeasty flavours. But the best version was the one I tried from a small oak barrel at the after party of the event, and in this version some of the oak flavours actually came through to the beer, probably unintentionally, but still really good. If you're used to sometimes drinking a Norwegian industrial lager (Hansa/Ringnes and so on) you're in for a surprise, a really good one if it’s served right! From today and for the next couple of weeks this special version that usually is only available in the Pilsen area will be available in Norway. (Dates may differ from pub to pub)

Václav Berka at the International Master Bartender finals.

Here is where you can buy Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrovaný (Unfiltered):
  •        Cardinal, Skagen 21, Stavanger
  •         Sørmarka Kurs & Konferansesenter, Enebakkveien 625, Siggerud (Ski)
  •        Nikkers Sport, Elvegata 18, Lillehammer
  •        Øl-torget & BRÜ Vulkan Pub in Mathall, Maridalsveien 17 a, Oslo
  •        Revolver, Møllergata 32, Oslo
  •        Forest & Brown, Niels Juels gate 31, Oslo
  •        Dr. Jekkyls Pub, Klingenberggate 4, Oslo
  •        Amundsen Brygghus, Stortingsgata 20, Oslo
  •        Schouskjelleren, Trondheimsveien 2, Oslo
  •        Beer palace, Holmens gate 3, Oslo

This version of Pilsner Urquell is sold as a fresh beer and will only be available for a very short time!

Na Zdraví
- Haffy

Me helping myself straight from the barrel, bliss...

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