Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Haffy quits the blog!

And now, the end is near, so I face the final curtain… Well not actually, just new beginnings!

It was in April four years ago I started this blog, it’s funny to look back at how much I’ve changed and how much the beer scene have changed since then. The breweries that I loved back when I was a newbie, those that I thought was the boldest and the most uncompromising are now mainstream. Those brews that I used to love, the extremely bitter or super sweet beers are now unbalanced crap.  It’s also funny to see how many of my friends and acquaintances that disliked “specialty brews “ that now themselves have become craft beer drinkers. Back then the beer bloggers, we were the weird ones, now most of us who wrote beer blogs back then have either started a beer related business or been hired by the business. People with qualified knowledge about beers & brewing is in demand.

As some of you might have noticed this blog has been quiet for a while, after I quit my old job I became part owner in a bar and later I’ve also became part owner in a beer festival. So with that in mind it didn’t feel right to keep beer blogging for three reasons. First of all working full time with something you also spend all your spare time working on is too much. Second reason is legality is this minefield of an alcohol law we have in Norway. Third, I would be totally bias. I feel I’ve got as much out of this blog as I can, it has been used as a tool to learn more and educate myself, while also getting to know the great people in the scene. Some of who are my eternal friends.

So with these words I leave the “Die by the Beer” blog into the hands of my friend and co-writer Kjetil, you’re no longer a sidekick! Do with it as you wish.

Sorry no updated photo... ;)

For those of you looking for information on my new projects, others than me will write and publish about these things when it’s time. Die By The Beer was a fun thing for me, now the fun will continue elsewhere… J

Cheers from Haffy