Friday 16 October 2015

What`s Brewing bere list for Friday

It might look messy, but for fucks sake it`s frikking awesome!!!  Saturday beerlist will come soon
Next weekend Stavanger is gonna get bombed.... with awesome beer. See you there.

Friday Style
Dieu du Ciel AM Exorciste Sour wild beer
Libre Échange Foreign Export Stout
PM Moralité American IPA
Or des marais Saison with cloudberries/ sweet gale

Mikkeller AM Spontancherry frederiksdal 2013 Lambic' style w/ cherries
Black moon BA BA Imp stout
PM Juicebag w/To Øl BA Citrus Fruit Ale Grand Marnier
BA Orange yuzu  BA porter w/ Yuzu

Edge Brewing AM Chance Encounter Hoppy Saison
Pure Decadence Imperial Stout
PM Powerplant Saison
Hoptimista IPA

To Øl AM LikeWeisse Hoppy Berliner Weisse
Directors Cut LikeWeisse Imperial Berliner Weisse
PM ChokoDrøn Belgian Brown Ale with Chocolate
Mikropolis Gluten Free Pilsner with Orange

Westbrook AM Mexican Cake
Mr Chipper
PM BA Mexican Cake
Citrus Ninja

Evil Twin AM Even More Jesus
Imperial Doughnut Break
PM James Beer
Imperial Biscotti Break

Crooked Stave AM Nightmare on Brett
St. Bretta Meyer Lemon
PM Vieille

Prairie AM Okie
Apple Brandy
PM Pirate Noir
Funky Gold Mosaic

Boneyard AM RPM
PM Armored Fist
Hop Venom

Nørrebro Bryghus AM Sayonara, Sucker!
Muddy Waters
PM Wheat Street
Cookie Monster`s Hot Chocolate

Oude Beersel AM Beersalis Tripel
PM Framboise
Oude Kriek

Buddelship AM Great Escape IPA
The Steelyard Pale Ale
PM Gotland Baltic Porter
Moonshine Imperial Imperial Pilsner

AM Lilac Sour Ale With Lilac Flowers
Vieille Saison Old Style Saison
PM Maschusch Sour Wheat Ale /Elder Berry Flowers
Sour & Salt Gose Style Ale

Loverbeer AM Serpilla Farmhouse Sour Ale
Pruss Perdù Sour Aged Fruit Ale
PM Cardosa Farmhouse Sour Ale
BeerBrugna Sour Aged Fruit Ale

7 Fjell AM Kniksen 6.8%
Feijoa Mountain 7.6%
PM Lyderhorn Saison Noir 8.3%
Ulriken DIPA 8.5%

Ægir AM India Pale Ale 6.5%
Ryllik Saison 6%
PM Naglfare Brown Ale 4.7%
Vetlebror Session IPA 4.7%

Ale Browar AM Rowing Jack 6.2%
Golden Monk 7.2%
PM Kiss the Beast 8%
King of Hop 5%

Beavertown AM Space Phantom 3.7%
Smog Rocket 5.4%
PM Fruit Saison 5.4%
Papa Pills 7%

B.P. Brussels AM Delta
PM Babylon
Dark Sister

BFM AM 225 Saison VX 5%
La Melue 6%
PM 225 Saison VXX 5%
Procrastinator 9%

Brew by Numbers AM Saison Classic 5.8%
Berliner weisse  raspberry 4.7%
PM Chocolate & Orange Stout 6%
White IPA Citra & Mosiac 7%

Buxton AM Bomb Generation #4 10%
Ice Cream 5.6% 
PM Yellow Belly Sundae 12%
Very Far Skyline 5.%

Burning Sky AM Easy Answers
PM Arise
Flanders Red

Birraficio d. Ducato AM Double Imperial Nothing 3%
Beersell Morning 6.2%
PM Brett Peat Daydream 7%
Wedding Ranch 5.2%

Birra del Borgo AM My Antonia 
PM Fragus 

Hawkshead AM IPA 7%
Chuckleberry Sour 3%
PM Raspberry Sour 3%
NZPA 6.5%

Kinn AM Haustøl (Altbier 4,5%) 
Bresjnev (Foreign Extra Stout 8%)
PM Don’t Mention The Hops 
Svartekunst 2014 (F.E.D.I.R.E.S.P 10,%)

Magic Rock AM Cannonball 7.4%
Dark Arts BA 6%
PM Salty Kiss 4%
Bearded Lady PX BA 10.5%

Põhjala AM Pime Öö PX 13,9%,
Valge Öö 11,7%,
PM Odravein 12%,
Uus Maailm 4,7%,

Lervig A. AM Saured Kraut 7%
Kentucky Uncommon 6%
BA Barley Wine 13%

Redchurch Brewery AM Tartelette 4.5%
Bethanl Pale Ale 4.5%
PM Paradise Pale Ale 3.8%
Wildwood 7.2%

Voss AM Vossaøl 8%
Lysverket APA 4,7% 
PM Ut på tur 2015 7,8% 
100 Einerlåg IPA 7,8%

Wild Beer Co. AM Zintuki 7.3%
Yadokai 13%
PM Sleeping Lemons 3.6%
Evolver IPA 5.8%

Lindheim AM We Juice: Cherry Berliner weisse
Jacob's Hage Gose
Greatfruit Berliner weisse

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