Wednesday 21 October 2015

The academic program for What`s Brewing 2015

Here are some of the extracurricular activities going on at the Tou Scene campus during Whats Brewing 2015. There will be hardcore geek info regarding lambic blending and yeast fermentation. There will be information regarding beer & food pairing, norwegian farmhouse brewing history and norwegian breweries from three norwegian authors, and some courses held by the breweries them selves, so sign up. The two Masterclases will probably sell out quick, so send a mail to to reserve a ticket. The pre-reservation only applies for the two Master Class sessions. The other classes only require showing up on time.

These lectures will be held in the 5th floor on the first door to the right on your way to the loft. All classes costs one bong, except Blending Lambic with Raf Soef that costs 5 bongs.

Friday 16:00: Gustav Jørgensen presents his new book “Øl Vin Mat”
Gustav have been in the Norwegian beer scene since the beginning and is most known for his book “Skummende lidenskap: Fem stabeiser og deres øl” featuring Stavangers very own Mike Murphy. Now he’s back with another book, written with Geir Salvesen author of 15 books on wine. This time the subject is beer, wine & food. For two years Gustav had a weekly column in Norway’s biggest newspaper VG, he’s also active with live music and beer tastings?! This presentation will be in Norwegian.

Friday 17:00: MASTER CLASS - Blending lambic with Raf Soef of Bokkereyden
You know all those lambics you only dream of tasting? Raf tried them.
Raf is somewhat of an up and coming rock star in the beer scene back in Belgium where he’s from. He’s in the process of starting his own brewery; his first beer might be a lambic blended with the first ever barrel aged Fantome beer. Want to join this master class please e-mail to reserve a seat, but be quick for this will sell out fast. For this master class only we’re taking a fee of 5 bongs, lot’s of tasters is included.

Friday 18:00: Meet the brewer – Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave
Chad is somewhat of a wild yeast and brettanomyces geek. He used to have a blog called “the brettanomyces project” and you can find many interview online where he shares his knowledge, I can especially recommend the “Cellarmanship” interview. This is your chance to meet him, listened and ask questions.

Friday 19:00: Lars Marius Garshol on Norwegian Farmhouse traditions
Lars has travelled far and wide in Norway collecting brewing history from traditional Norwegian farms that he documents in his blog Larsblog. One such is the famous “Kveik” yeast that White Labs have made commercially available as “Norwegian Farmhouse Ale”. He’s also published a book on Lithuanian beer where they’ve found a completely unique yeast strain. We’re very grateful for Lars work on documenting history that soon would be lost without him. This lecture will be in Norwegian.

Friday 20:00: Chris White from White Labs on yeast
Yeast makes the beer, without it you only have sugar water. White labs are the leading manufacturer of yeast in the world. Proper fermentation is what separates great beer from crap and where most home brewers mess up. Come and learn from the expert! This is the same presentation as the one on Saturday.

Saturday 16:00: Knut Albert Solem presents his new book “Norsk bryggeri- og ølguide”
Knut is attempting to document all active Norwegian breweries in his new book, no small task during this microbrewery boom currently going on. We’re guessing no one has visited as many Norwegian breweries as him. Knut is focusing on challenges and opportunities during this process and the innovation caused by this. Soon we’ll have Norwegian malt and hops and be able to make real Norwegian beer. This presentation will be in Norwegian.

Saturday 17:00: MASTER CLASS - Gert Christiaens owner and brew master of Oud Beersel
Gert is the owner of Oud Beersel who found out back in 2002 his favorite brewery was closing down. He immediately contacted the old brew master and restarting the brewery. Gert will speak for us on the process of making Lambic beers. Want to join this master class please e-mail to reserve a seat, but be quick for this will sell out fast.

Saturday 18:00: Meet the brewer - Alan Sheppard
Alan Sheppard was the master brewer of Barcelona based Edge Brewing who got awarded the price of “Worlds Best New Brewery” by ratebeer for 2014. Both Alan and Scott (the owner) are Americans doing what Americans do best, spreading tasty craft beer around the world. What makes Edge stand out from every other microbrewery? Maybe he will share their secret with you!

Saturday 19:00: Simply Hops with Philip Lowry
Our last addition to the program is none less than one of Europe’s best hop providers.
Saturday 20:00: Chris White from White Labs on yeast
Yeast makes the beer, without it you only have sugar water. White labs are the leading manufacturer of yeast in the world. Proper fermentation is what separates great beer from crap and where most home brewers mess up. Come and learn from the expert! This is the same presentation as the one on Friday.

Saturday 21:00: Homebrew completion award ceremony
If you were of the 60 participants who entered the homebrew competition be sure to be here! We got the most awesome prizes ever given to the winners of our two classes. Our main sponsor for the competition Bryggselv is giving away a brand new fully automatic “Grainfather” brewkit valued around 8.000 NOK to the winner of both our categories: Stout/Porter & Farmhouse ale. There will also be 2nd and 3rd prizes but let’s be honest, it’s all about the winners! We urge the participants to show up early to make sure they get in, we have limited space available.

Friday 16 October 2015

What`s Brewing bere list for Saturday

Here is the second list for what`s on tap on Saturday at What`s Brewing next weekend.

Saturday Style alc
Dieu du Ciel AM P'tit Blanc Light Blanche w/ juniper/ lime 4.2
Solstice d'été aux framboises Sour wheat w/raspberries 5.9
PM Disco Soleil IPA with kumquats 6.5
Péché Mortel Imperial coffee stout 9.5

Mikkeller AM Spontanframboos Raspberry 'lambic' 7,7
Cù't Cà Phê Bia Imperial Stout 11
PM Blå Spøgelse Blueberry 'Lambic' 7,7
Årh Hvad BA Cherry wine BA Belgian ale 6,8

Edge Brewing AM Apassionada Sour 4
Brass Knuckles Strong Ale (Barrel Aged) 10.1
PM Flor de la Vida American Pale Ale 4.7
Gift to Gaspar Imperial Porter 11

To Øl AM Coral Seas Gose brewed w/Seaweed  5,4
Wild Wheat Weizen Brett fermented Weizen 7,5
PM Rye'ght On Barrel Aged Rye Saison 9
Hardcore Mælk Imperial Black Milk IPA  10,1

Westbrook AM 2nd Anniversary 10
Fruitcake Old Time 11
PM Bearded Break In 6.6
Gose 4

Evil Twin AM XXX 9.5
Mission Gose 4
PM From Amager With Love 12
Loomi Weisse 4.2

Crooked Stave AM Flor d`Lees 5
PS Pure Guava
PM PS Passion Fruit 10.5
SB Valencia

Prairie AM Okie 12
Brett C 8.1
PM Pirate Noir 11
Gold 6.7

Boneyard AM Bone-A-Fide 5.5
Armored Fist 10
PM Notorious 11.5
Bonelite 4

Nørrebro Bryghus AM Black Power 5.8
Humlesvin 6
PM Nørrebro Julebryg 7
The Evil 10.5

Oude Beersel AM Beersalis Tripel 9
Lambic 6
PM Framboise 5
Oude Gueze 6

Buddelship AM Hamburg Weisse Sour 6.2
Mitschnagger Pilsner 5.3
PM Roter Klinker Amber Ale 5.3
Kohlentrimmer Schwarzbier 5.3

 BrekerietAM Sour White Sour Wheat Ale 5
Barrique Ambrée Amber Sour Ale 6.5
PM Zuur Sour Ale 5
Cassis Fruit Sour With Black Currants 5.4

Loverbeer AM Griotta Farmhous Sour Fruit Ale 5.8
Madamin Sour Oak Amber Ale 7.7
PM Saison de l'Ouvrier Farmhouse Sour Ale 5.8
Nebiulin-a Sour Aged Fruit Ale 8

7 Fjell AM Body & Soul 5.1% 5.1
Periferi 5.3% 5.3
PM One in the Plum 9.6% 9.6
Morgenstemming Coffee Stout  6.5

Ægir AM Bæver Double White IPA 8% 8
Bøyla Blonde Ale 4.7% 4.7
PM Witbier 4.7% 4.7
Dag Sitrus Pale Ale 4% 4

Ale Browar AM Bæver Double White IPA 8% 8
Bøyla Blonde Ale 4.7% 4.7
PM Witbier 4.7% 4.7
Dag Sitrus Pale Ale 4% 4

Beavertown AM Earl Phantom 3.7% 3.7
Gama Ray 5.4% 5.4
PM Black Betty 7.0% 7
AJNA 4% 4

B.P. Brussels AM Pumpkin Ale
PM Delta 6

BFM AM 225 Saison VXXXX 5% 5
Grand Cru 11% 11
PM 225 Saison VXXXX 5% 5
St Abbaye Bon Chein 11% 11

Brew by Numbers AM Session IPA Grapefruit 3.8% 3.8
Gin Saison 6% 6
PM BA Saison Mosiac 6.5% 6.5
3 Is a Magic Number 9

Buxton AM Old World Saison 5.8% 5.8
Coral Seas 5.4% 5.4
PM Battle Axe 8.7% 8.7
The Living End 10.1% 10.1

Burning Sky AM Saison L'Ete 6.6
Vatted Porter
PM Easy Answers 4
Saison Provision 8.6

Birraficio d. Ducato AM Kiss me Lipsia 4% 4
Machete 7.6% 7.6
PM Veille Vile Saison 6% 6
My Blueberry nightmare 9.4% 9.4

Birra del Borgo AM Prunus 5.8
My Antonia  7.5
PM Etrusca 6
Fragus 5.6

Hawkshead AM Wild Wheat Sour 4% 4
Brodies Prime Export Stout BA  8.5
PM Tonka 8.5% 8.5
Key Lime Tau 6.3% 6.3

Kinn AM Nærbøl 2015 (Pale Ale 4,7%) 4.7
Julefred 2014 (Christmas Beer ) 7
PM Til Bøvels (Tripel w/ Raspberry) 10-ish
Solsnu (Biere de Garde 7,5%) 8

Magic Rock AM Vaude Vile Saison 6% 6
Pina Collision 7.% 7
PM Bearded Lady Desert Edition 10.5  10.5
Highwire 5.5% 5.5

Põhjala AM Rukkirääk 5,9%, 5.9
Saak 6,7%, 6.7
PM Mutant Disco Tequila BA 7,5%, 7.5
Taara Avita! 10,8% 10.8

Lervig A. AM BIG A$$ MONEY STOUT 17.5% 17.5
Johny Low (1 week Old) 2.5% 2.5
PM Lords Of Acid 4.7% 4.7
Pop That Cherry 7% 7

Redchurch AM Borefts Saison 5.3% 5.3
Old ford Export Stout 7.5% 7.5
PM Great Eastern IPA 7.4% 7.4
BA Petit Mort 5.3%  5.3

Voss AM Vosstage. CAP Collab, Wee Heavy   9.7
Mauritz Hage. Raspberry  4,7% 4.7
PM Oregonian 6% APA  6
Voss Bryggeri Juleøl 2015 6,8% 6.8

Wild Beer Co. AM Shnoodlepip 6.5% 6.5
Modus Operandi 7% 7
PM Somerset Wild 5% 5
Blubus Maximus 5.5% 5.5

Lindheim AM Farmhouse Ale BA Saison 6.5
We Juice: Rhubarb Berliner Weisse 4.7
PM Lords of Acid Passion Fruit Berliner Weisse 4.7
X Xmas BA DIPA 8.5

What`s Brewing bere list for Friday

It might look messy, but for fucks sake it`s frikking awesome!!!  Saturday beerlist will come soon
Next weekend Stavanger is gonna get bombed.... with awesome beer. See you there.

Friday Style
Dieu du Ciel AM Exorciste Sour wild beer
Libre Échange Foreign Export Stout
PM Moralité American IPA
Or des marais Saison with cloudberries/ sweet gale

Mikkeller AM Spontancherry frederiksdal 2013 Lambic' style w/ cherries
Black moon BA BA Imp stout
PM Juicebag w/To Øl BA Citrus Fruit Ale Grand Marnier
BA Orange yuzu  BA porter w/ Yuzu

Edge Brewing AM Chance Encounter Hoppy Saison
Pure Decadence Imperial Stout
PM Powerplant Saison
Hoptimista IPA

To Øl AM LikeWeisse Hoppy Berliner Weisse
Directors Cut LikeWeisse Imperial Berliner Weisse
PM ChokoDrøn Belgian Brown Ale with Chocolate
Mikropolis Gluten Free Pilsner with Orange

Westbrook AM Mexican Cake
Mr Chipper
PM BA Mexican Cake
Citrus Ninja

Evil Twin AM Even More Jesus
Imperial Doughnut Break
PM James Beer
Imperial Biscotti Break

Crooked Stave AM Nightmare on Brett
St. Bretta Meyer Lemon
PM Vieille

Prairie AM Okie
Apple Brandy
PM Pirate Noir
Funky Gold Mosaic

Boneyard AM RPM
PM Armored Fist
Hop Venom

Nørrebro Bryghus AM Sayonara, Sucker!
Muddy Waters
PM Wheat Street
Cookie Monster`s Hot Chocolate

Oude Beersel AM Beersalis Tripel
PM Framboise
Oude Kriek

Buddelship AM Great Escape IPA
The Steelyard Pale Ale
PM Gotland Baltic Porter
Moonshine Imperial Imperial Pilsner

AM Lilac Sour Ale With Lilac Flowers
Vieille Saison Old Style Saison
PM Maschusch Sour Wheat Ale /Elder Berry Flowers
Sour & Salt Gose Style Ale

Loverbeer AM Serpilla Farmhouse Sour Ale
Pruss Perdù Sour Aged Fruit Ale
PM Cardosa Farmhouse Sour Ale
BeerBrugna Sour Aged Fruit Ale

7 Fjell AM Kniksen 6.8%
Feijoa Mountain 7.6%
PM Lyderhorn Saison Noir 8.3%
Ulriken DIPA 8.5%

Ægir AM India Pale Ale 6.5%
Ryllik Saison 6%
PM Naglfare Brown Ale 4.7%
Vetlebror Session IPA 4.7%

Ale Browar AM Rowing Jack 6.2%
Golden Monk 7.2%
PM Kiss the Beast 8%
King of Hop 5%

Beavertown AM Space Phantom 3.7%
Smog Rocket 5.4%
PM Fruit Saison 5.4%
Papa Pills 7%

B.P. Brussels AM Delta
PM Babylon
Dark Sister

BFM AM 225 Saison VX 5%
La Melue 6%
PM 225 Saison VXX 5%
Procrastinator 9%

Brew by Numbers AM Saison Classic 5.8%
Berliner weisse  raspberry 4.7%
PM Chocolate & Orange Stout 6%
White IPA Citra & Mosiac 7%

Buxton AM Bomb Generation #4 10%
Ice Cream 5.6% 
PM Yellow Belly Sundae 12%
Very Far Skyline 5.%

Burning Sky AM Easy Answers
PM Arise
Flanders Red

Birraficio d. Ducato AM Double Imperial Nothing 3%
Beersell Morning 6.2%
PM Brett Peat Daydream 7%
Wedding Ranch 5.2%

Birra del Borgo AM My Antonia 
PM Fragus 

Hawkshead AM IPA 7%
Chuckleberry Sour 3%
PM Raspberry Sour 3%
NZPA 6.5%

Kinn AM Haustøl (Altbier 4,5%) 
Bresjnev (Foreign Extra Stout 8%)
PM Don’t Mention The Hops 
Svartekunst 2014 (F.E.D.I.R.E.S.P 10,%)

Magic Rock AM Cannonball 7.4%
Dark Arts BA 6%
PM Salty Kiss 4%
Bearded Lady PX BA 10.5%

Põhjala AM Pime Öö PX 13,9%,
Valge Öö 11,7%,
PM Odravein 12%,
Uus Maailm 4,7%,

Lervig A. AM Saured Kraut 7%
Kentucky Uncommon 6%
BA Barley Wine 13%

Redchurch Brewery AM Tartelette 4.5%
Bethanl Pale Ale 4.5%
PM Paradise Pale Ale 3.8%
Wildwood 7.2%

Voss AM Vossaøl 8%
Lysverket APA 4,7% 
PM Ut på tur 2015 7,8% 
100 Einerlåg IPA 7,8%

Wild Beer Co. AM Zintuki 7.3%
Yadokai 13%
PM Sleeping Lemons 3.6%
Evolver IPA 5.8%

Lindheim AM We Juice: Cherry Berliner weisse
Jacob's Hage Gose
Greatfruit Berliner weisse