Sunday 19 May 2013

The Copenhagen Beer Celebration Road Trip (Part 1 of 2)

Hello dear readers

This time I got a video for you, in two parts, here's part one! Part two coming soon! This video is a travel documentary and the spoken language is mostly English, but also a lot of Norwegian and some Danish and Swedish. I'm putting up a little index here so you can skip to the parts you understand if you don't understand the Nordic languages.

Please watch in full screen with max resolution! :)


00:00-06:06 Intro, on the road, visiting Aalborg. (Ølkonsortiet & Vinspecialisten) Then driving to Copenhagen and reviewing Mikkeller & Friends, and visiting Ølbutikken & Barley Wine. 
(Norwegian & Danish)

06:06-12:11 CBC
Interview Lervig (English & Norwegian) 
Interview De Molen (English)
Interview Jester King (English)
Interview Mikkel Borg Bjergsø (Danish)
Us from this blog in between all of them (English)

12.11-13:43 Sum up for the day (English)

Hope you liked the video, it's shot with my brand new equipment and I'm still learning to use it, but hell it looks a whole lot better than any video I've done before! :)

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Check back soon for part two!

Oh and check out last years article on CBC:

- Haffy

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