Tuesday 28 May 2013

Photos from Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2013

I really just wanted to share the joy and enthusiasm captured in these photos from CBC 2013 and the road trip to get there. These pictures are taken by my friend Vidar and me and I did all the after work on all of the pictures. We're both newbies in the art of photography but still I think we've been able to capture something really beautiful here: One thousand beer geeks coming together to exercise their passion. The best beers, brewers and breweries in the whole god damn world, from five different continents. Gathered under one roof in one of the greatest cities in the world: Copenhagen! Organized by the world’s most famous brewer without a brewery: Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Mikkeller. A perfect celebration for the best drink in the world...

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2013 was even better than the 2012 festival. The line up was better, the toilets, the food arrangements, the water supply, all much better. Away with the chips, good! And still not any significant drunkenness. Everything went really smooth, the only thing I missed from 2012 were the printed program, yeah that and the brewery De Struise...

See you all again next year, unless I actually have died by the beer!

- Haffy

PS and if you haven't seen my road trip film to CBC 2013 yet do it now, it includes interviews with many of the brewers, visit to bottle shops, beer tastings and general mischiefs and lots of more fun... I'm really proud of these videos!

Please watch in full screen with max resolution! :)

Please watch in full screen with max resolution! :)

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