Monday 20 May 2013

The Copenhagen Beer Celebration Road Trip (Part 2 of 2)

Hello again

Here we are back with part two of The Copenhagen Beer Celebration Road Trip video. This video is also in multiple languages so I'll make an index for those of you who don't understand Nordic languages.

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00:00-02:09  Intro and a little update (English)

Interview with Surly Brewing (English)
Interview with Brewdog (English)
Interview with Lervig (English)
Interview with Beer Here (Danish)
Interview with Westbrook (English)
Interview with Cycle Brewing (English)
Interview with Three Floyds (English)
Interview with Amon Amarth (Swedish)
Interview with Boxing Cat Brewery (English)

13:27-14:46 Sum up for the last day (English)

14:47-17:07 Three year anniversary party at Mikkeller bar and the ending including Dark Horizon 4 tasting. (English/Norwegian)

Coming soon: Pictures from Copenhagen Beer Celebration, we got some nice pictures so why not share them?

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- Haffy