Sunday 25 August 2013

Photos from Kristiansand Ølfestival 2013

Kristiansand Beer Festival 2013 were held outside Odderøyahallen Saturday July 24th 2013. The sun was shining the beer was cold and for five hours no one had a care in the world. The Scottish Innis and Gunn had crossed the sea to be apart of this joyful festival and the new-coming Swedes of CAP brewery had driven their hippie mobile across land and borders. Norwegian macro giants Hansa Borg sent CB, Kristiansands own to premiere their new 4,5% ABV Hansa IPA. My two favorite Norwegian breweries Nøgne Ø & Lervig Aktiebryggeri were there and also newcomers Austmann from Trondheim and Balder Brygg from Sogn & Fjorande. Christiansand Brygghus, a local brewpub that were apart of arranging the festival showcased their brews. Gastropuben Kick, Patrick's & Bakgården were also apart of arranging this event. Strag and Cask also had stands showing off some new brews that will hit the shelves of Vinmonopolet soon. Home brewers Heidrun were brewing a stout and answering questions about brewing, a must at any beer festival. Last but not least the food was really good!

I brought my camera and film with interviews from the event is coming very soon, I had a really good time and hope I will be able to visit again next year!
- Haffy

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