Monday 26 August 2013

Kristiansand Ølfestival The Movie

Beautiful Bendiksbukta on Odderøya gives me memories of the long bankrupt Quart Festival, I've actually seen a couple do the horizontal polka on the stage that used to be here during the summertime festival. Anyways, now Bendiksbukta is ready to create new memories with Kristiansand Beer Festival. Still hungover when I released the pictures from the festival yesterday, now I'm much better and the movie is done! Do I have anything to add on what I wrote yesterday? Yes, I thought Kristiansand Ølfestival were awesome, and I really hope they make an even bigger festival next year, but only slightly bigger. My favorite beers at the festival were the "CAP Imperial Stout" silk smooth, the "Birra del Borgo ArcheoBirra Etrusca - Anfora" really sour, fruity and crazy, fermented in clay amphora. And of course the good old "Lervig Barley Wine" a 13% ABV full bodied armor plated crazy vanilla bomb!

But anyway the beer many people will ask about right now is the Hansa IPA, and I have an opinion. Cause I tried it and had a chat with the brewer. Craft beer should be made by craft brewers and craft beer drinkers! A brewer that filter his beer till there's no taste left in fear of autolysis really should not brew an IPA, cause it is filter really heavy, almost no flavor left. Also it would help if the brewer were into the beer styles he's brewing. I agree that all IPA's don't have to be 100+ IBU, but come on, it's not an IPA without a solid bitterness punch, it's a pale ale and remember this is only a 4,5% ABV beer. Brewed by a guy and a brewery that doesn't like ale, doesn't drink ale and is only checking the market to see if profit can be made. No need for more on this subject, I wasn't impressed and I doubt that you will be either! Use your hard earned money on brews that are brewed with passion and love by people who care.

But one thing that actually impressed me, were this festival and I hope that this video shows just that!

Enjoy the video, please watch in full screen and max resolution as always!

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- Haffy

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