Tuesday 13 August 2013

How To Make Mead For Beginners (Video)

I don't really think this article targets this blogs main audience, but lately we have been brewing some mead. First up were a Vanilla Bean Bourbon Oaked Mead/Braggot that's fermenting on Champagne yeast right now. But when my local home-brew supplier Bryggselv got hold of some mead yeast I decided to make some more mead. And since I haven't updated this blog in 6 weeks, why not make it into a blog. So here it is a beginners guide on how easy it can be to make mead, done in my very small downtown apartment. Enjoy the video or not! (Watch in full screen and full resolution please!)

Maybe I'll do a bigger piece on mead sometime in the future, the subject is very interesting! :)

More info on mead:

- Haffy


  1. Awesome video! The Meadery has also included this video on their home page:


  2. Thanks man, that's cool to hear! Cheers