Thursday 22 May 2014

CBC 2014: The Movie (The best, the rest & what's left)

This is the last post from Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014. In this video we talk to the Brewdog head brewer about their signature flavor, my first thought goes to the Slurm factory in Futurama, hehe. Jeppe from Evil Twin explains his latest creation the Imperial Doughnut Break. Närke introduces us to beer made with anal glands from a beaver. B. Nektar gives us their secrets to make sessionable meads. Cheese man from Arna Unika explains the ridiculously awesome cheese made for CBC exclusively. Stian Krog of Bergen beer festival tastes a Berliner Weisse from The Kernel. We catch up with Doug from Cycle who actually managed to bring some beer this year! And Alejandro from the Brazilian Way Beer gives on insight about the amazing craft beer revolution going on in Brazil. I'm very happy with this video, hope you are too! Like & share the shit out of it!

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