Monday 12 May 2014

Hoppin' Frog & Westbrook: Gose (Interview)

The first time we met Fred Karm of Hoppin' Frog was at Sour & Bitter 2012, the day before the first CBC started. Boris were one of our favorite Stouts, (still is) but we hadn't tried Doris yet. For us Doris were a bit of a white whale, like Captain Ahab we had chased it from place to place, always to late to catch it. It just happened to be that it was in the menus of many of the pubs we visited back then, but when we ordered it we always got the same message: Sold out, just sold the last bottle, too late, can't find it, the bottle vanished before my eyes and so on. Before the last day of CBC that year we had finally managed to tracked it down at Mikkeller Bar, and sweet joy was it good! Mmm-mmm! And like he had the prophetic gift of Nostradamus when we walked into CBC that last day, Fred asked with an Super Mario Italian accent; "So you tried the Doris yet, huh"? Indeed we had!

I also included another short interview in this video with Edward from Westbrook.

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