Tuesday 6 May 2014

Surly & Three Floyds: Metal, beer festivals & ratebeer (Interview)

Wanting to try all the beers at Copenhagen Beer Celebration is harder than collecting Pokemon, no you can't catch them all. But there were two breweries many tried to catch and those were Surly Brewing from Minnesota and Three Floyds from Indiana. Since they both brought some of their their biggest guns, the Surly Darkness and Three Floyds Dark Lord Vanilla Bean BA version why not have a little chat about these "Super Stouts". I joined Chris Boggess and Todd Haug outside the venue of the beer festival for a chat about metal music, the mentioned beers, the beer festivals they arrange (Darkness day & Dark lord day) and ratebeer. Here's the result:


  1. Really great interview. I passed it on to Joseph Tucker.

    1. Thanks man, I got plenty more coming, just need some more time in the editing room!