Sunday 12 October 2014

Whats Brewing: Beer tap list part 1

Hey guys, it's soon time for the first craft beer festival ever in Stavanger. I'm super psyched, it's gonna be a blast and the festival is SOLD OUT! (Just about) Yeah! Anyways, here's the tap list for 17 of the breweries, more coming later, probably... :)

Austmann Bryggeri: (Trondheim, Norway)

Ekofisk 9.7% Imperial Stout
Ferdaminne 9.7% Imperial Brown Ale
Glasgow Kiss 6% Scotch Ale (Collab with Amundsen Bryggeri & Spiseri)
Humledugg 6.5% IPA
Northumberland 5.5% Brown Ale
Tre Gamle Damer 5.5% Belgian Pale Ale
Sjokolade og Kirsebærporter 7.5% Imperial Porter
Gyldenløve 6.5% Amber Ale

Comment: Austmann will bring both kegs and bottles.

Grünerløkka Brygghus: (Oslo, Norway)

Løkka Pors Pale Ale (Brewed with bog myrtle) 5,8%
Løkka Vinterbock med rug 6%
Løkka Røk (Lager Rauchbier) ?%
Løkka CDA Black IPA 5,5%
Løkka Jul 2013 5,8%

Comment: Løkka Vinterbock & Løkka Røk is still unreleased as this is published.

Lervig Aktiebryggeri: (Stavanger, Norway)

Farmhouse IPA (Magic Rock Collab 1st Generation) 6.5%
Farmhouse Rustique (Chardonnay BA 1st Generation) 6.5%
Farmhouse Rustique Cherry Edition ?%
Once You Go Black 13.5% (Best new beer Ratebeer May 2014)
1349 Black Ale 13.49% (Collab between: 1349/Surly/Lervig)
Odensholm 9% Porter (Collab with the Estonian brewery Põhjala)
Unfiltered Lucky Jack 4.7%
Galaxy IPA (Super fresh) 6.5%
Art collection IV: Konrad Cherry Port Barrel Edition ?%
Kringly Kris 4.7% (Jule Porter)
The Gose Strikes Back! Collab with Beavertown (Raspberry, Coriander and Sea salt) ?%

Comment: Lervig is bringing their a-game to this festival. Once You Go Black were awarded the title best new beer may 2014 by ratebeer, that's the CBC month, so very impressive. Several new beers here I know nothing about. 1349 the band is coming to the festival for the release of their first beer, it will be in the loft with brewmaster Mike Murhy on friday. A 13,49% strong dry hopped imperial and barrel aged something something awesome. More on that beer on this blog soon.

Lindheims Ølkompani: (Gvarv, Norway)

Cherry Farmhouse 7 % (Our dry house Saison with this years fresh tart cherries from our orchards.)

Nacho Libre 7,1 % (Our IPA or DIPA if you like. Lots of American hops and Nelson Sauvin in 1st worth. 90 Ibus. Originally a collab with Pizza Port (Ignacio Servantes) which became our regular IPA.)

O-pale 6,5 % (Oat pale ale with lots of American late addition hops. Dry hopped twice.)

Afraid of the Dark? 6,9 % (Coffee Stout made with lots of freshly roasted and grinded "Black Coffee" from Solberg & Hansen. A collab with Pizza port (Ryan Fields).)

No name yet... 4-5-ish % (Our Berliner weisse with sweet/tart Victoria plums from our orchards. Soured in our own way!)

Jacobs Hage 4,7 % (Fruit Gose. Local raspberries meets locally hand harvested sea salt from the coast of Oregon. Collab with Breakside Brewing Co. Did you say salt?)

Comment: Nacho Libre is possibly the best IPA in Norway when it's fresh!

Nøgne Ø: (Grimstad, Norway)

Chmiel Iunga IPA 6% (Collab with AleBrowar)
Citra Single Hop IPA 6%
Vic Secret IPA 7.5%
Kriek of Telemark 7% (2nd batch) Fruit Beer
Imperial Rye Porter 9% (Collab wit Terrapin)
Tindved 7% Wild Ale
Dark Horizon IV½ 16% (Bourbon BA) Imperial Stout
Underlig Jul 6.5% Spice Ale
NEW: God Jul Whisky Barell (Cask) 8.5%
NEW: Quadrupel Red Wine Barel Edition (Cask) ?%
Comment: 2nd batch of Kriek of Telemark is said to be even more sour than the first version.

Voss Bryggeri: (Voss, Norway)

Ujevnt Amber Ale 4.7%
Oregonian 6% APA
Vossaøl 6% Traditional Ale
Eldhus Staut 4.7% Stout
Engelsk IPA 6.5% IPA
Ut på tur 7.5% Unknown style

Comment: Ujevnt Amber Ale & Ut På Tur is still unreleased at the release of this article. What to ask the brewer about? Smoked hops, yes smoked hops, he he.

Buxton Brewery: (Buxton, England)

Red Raspberry Rye Sour 4.9%
New World Saison 6.3%
Nth Cloud 8.2% Double IPA
Rain Shadow 11.8% Imperial Stout
Far Skyline 4.9% dry-hopped Berliner Weisse
Stolen Fruit 4.6% Pink Grapefruit and Lime sour - Collaboration with Omnipollo
Jaw Gate 5.6% American Pale Ale
Wolfscote Black Sour 3.3%
Wild Boar 5.7% IPA

Comment: Really looking forward to these guys as I haven't tried much from them.

Hawkshead: (Kendal, England)

Wild Wheat 4.8% Brett Wheat Beer
Juniper & Hemp DIPA 7.5% (Collab with Lervig Aktiebryggeri)
IPA 7%
Damson Stout 4.5%
Oat Wine 8.8% Barley Wine Style Ale
ITI little NZPA 3.5% Pale Ale
Sundown 4.5% India Red Ale
Brodies Prime Export 8.5% Imperial Stout

Comment: Wild Wheat, Oat Wine, Sundown is brand new. Damson Stout haven't been around for years. Also note the Lervig collab Juniper & Hemp IPA for the Rainbow Project color green.

Magic Rock Brewing: (Huddersfield, England)

Acrobat: Apricot & Tarragon Saison 6.2%
Cannonball: India Pale Ale 7.4%
Pith Head: Lemon & Lime Saison 4.5%
Pogonophobia: Flanders Red 7.0% (Collab with Evil Twin)
The Great Alphonso (BA Brett): 18 month BA Bretted Mango Pale Ale 5.4% (Collab with Brodies)
Human Cannonball: Double India Pale 9.2%
Dark Arts: Stout 6.0%
Villainous: Vienna IPA 6.5%

Comment: Magic Rock will no doubt be the kings of the after party, but they also make awesome beers!

Edge Brewing: (Barcelona, Spain)

Stiletto - Saison 7.6%
Midnight Lullaby - BA Barley Wine 8.1%
Flor Del La Vidar - APA 4.7%
Hoptimista IPA 6.6%
Padrino Chocolate - Vanilla Porter 6.9%
White Liar - American Bitter 3.2%
Aigua De Canaletes - American blonde 4.4%

Comment: I know nothing about these guys, but they're rated pretty good on ratebeer, looking forward to it.

Birra Del Borgo: (Borgorose, Italy)

My Antonia 7,5% Imperial Pilsner (Dogfish Head Collab)
Re Ale 6,4% APA
Re Ale Extra 6,4% IPA
Stelle & Strisce 4,8% Blonde
Duchessa 5,8% Saison
Rubus 5,8% Fruit Beer with Raspberry

Comment: Be surprised by how hoppy a pilsner can be with My Antonia.

LoverBeer: (Torino, Italy)

Madamin 2014 6.2% Sour Red/Brown
BeerBrugna 2013 6.2% Wild Ale
Marchè'l Re 2013 8.5% Imperial Stout
D'uvaBeer 2014 8% Wild Ale
BeerBera 2013 8% Wild Ale
BeerBera 2014 8% Wild Ale

Comment: My personal favorite Italian brewery, will probably only bring bottles.

Birrificio Toccalmatto: (Parma, Italy)

Hops Tripper 6.9% DIPA
Zona Cesarini 6.6% IPA
B Space Invader 6.5% BIPA
Re Hop 5.0% APA
Toh Ki-Shu 10.5% Unknown style

Comment: Toh Ki-Shu is a new beer as far as I know.

Brouwerji De Molen: (Bodegraven, Netherlands)

Amerikaans 4.5% Bitter
Hamer & Sikkel 5.1% Porter
Hel & Verdoemenis 10% Imperial Stout
Pale Ale Citra 4.8% APA
Vuur & Vlam 6.2% IPA
Uitmuntend & Voorbeeldig Barrel aged 10.5% Imperial Stout
Bakker Wort Brouwer Bowmore BA 15,2% Imperial Stout

Comment: Hel & Verdoemenis is a world class Imperial Stout, one of my favorites. De Molen bring both bottles and kegs.

To Øl: (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Brown Paper Bag 8.5% Imperial Lager
Fuck Art - This is Architecture (St. Emillion) 5% Barrel Aged Belgian Ale
Liquid Confidence (Aged in Cognac Barrels) 12.2% Imperial Stout
Sort Mælk 13.1% Imperial Stout
Long Time No See 12.8% Imperial Stout
Sundancer 3% Pale Ale
Shameless Santa 10% Belgian Strong Ale
Sur Mosaic 6% Wild Ale

Comment: Long Time No See & the "Fuck Art" version listed has never been served in Norway before.

Evil Twin Brewing: (New York, USA)

Imperial Doughnut Break 11.5% Imperial Porter
Ron & The Beast Ryan 7% Saison
Sour Bikini 3% Wild Ale (Collab with Intangible Ales)
Femme Fatale Sudachi 6% IPA
Femme Fatale Kabosu 6% IPA
Femme Fatale Yuzu Pale 6% IPA
Femme Fatale Blanc 6% IPA
Nomader Weisse 4% Berliner Weisse

Comment: Imperial Doughnut Break is a bit of a curiosity as it is brewed with real doughnuts.

Pizza Port Brewing (Bressi Ranch): (Carlsbad, USA)

Swami's India Pale Ale 6.8%
Chronic Amber Ale 4.9%
Ponto Sessionable India Pale Ale 4.5%

Comment: These beers come in cans.

See you on Halloween in Stavanger over a beer !
- Haffy

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