Friday 17 October 2014

Whats Brewing: Beer tap list part 2

Lists for the last 10 breweries, this can only become awesome! See you halloween...

7 Fjell (Bergen, Norway)

Høst - Saison Sombre, 8,0%
Vinter - American Strong Ale, 7,3%
7 Sorter - Christmas Ale, 6,5%
Svartediket - Black IPA, 7,0%
BØLL 2014 - Coffee Stout, 6,5%
Fløien - India Pale Ale, 6,9%
Mon Plaisir - Pale Ale, 4,7%
Tippetue - Petite Saison, 4,7%
Magnus Barfot - American Pale Ale, 4,7%
Småtøs - American Blonde, 4,7%

Comment: BØLL is the festival beer for Bergen Beer Festival, 7 Sorter is brand new!

Ægir (Flom, Norway) 

IPA 6.5%
Lærdøl Sour Cherry Rye 5.5%
Hrist & Mist Hefeweizen 5.5%
Eir Wasabi Saison 6%
Magni Tripel 8%
Hyrrokkin India Peated Ale 6%

Comment: My recommendation is the India Peated Ale, don't ask me how, but it works! 

HaandBryggeriet (Drammen, Norway)

Haandbakk 8% Flemish Sour
Humlesus 4,5% APA
Premium India Saison 6%
Humlekanon 7,5% DIPA
Cuvee #2 7,5% Sour ale
Haandbic 7.5% Lambic style with cranberries and currants aged in wine barrels
Tindbic 7.5% Lambic style with sea buckthorn, aged in wine barrels.
Wild Thing 7.5% Lambic style with cranberries and currants

Comment: Haand will bring both kegs and bottles, be sure to try their lambic style/sour ales.

Kinn (Florø, Norway)

Vestkyst 7% American IPA
Bøvelen 9% Belgian Trippel
Prestesonen 5,7% English Porter
Gamleguten 7% Brown Porter
Spesial #5, 4,7% American Pale Ale (Sorachi Ace)
Julefred 6,7% Scotch Ale
Tradisjon 5,5% Norwegian Farmhouse Ale with yeast from Voss
Svartekunst 10,5% Imperial Stout
Tomasmesse 10,5% Belgian Quadrupel
Ivar Aasen 10,5% English Barley Wine
Tradisjon 5,5% Norwegian Farmhouse Ale (Normal)
Jubileum 4,7% Brett Belgian Wit
Solsnu 7,5% Biere de Garde 

Comment: Several new beers from Kinn for you to enjoy, I'm specially looking forward to the Biere De Garde & the now 2 year old Tomasmesse. Kinn brings kegs and bottles.

Beavertown (London, England)

Earl Phantom 3.6% Berliner Weisse with tea
Red Currant & Sour Cherry Saison 6%
The Sun Also Rises 9% BA Saison (Collab with Napabier)
Passion Phantom 3.2% Sour
The Gose Strikes Black 4.8% Blackberry Gose
Gamma Ray 5.4% APA
Neck Oil 4.3% Session IPA
8 Ball 6.2% Rye IPA
Smog Rocket 5.4% Smoked Porter

Comment: One of the breweries I look most forward to, they also bring new beers for those of you who have tried them all...

Siren (Finchapstead, England)

Half Mast QIPA 2.8% Session IPA
The Tickle Monster 12% BA Tripple IPA
Empress Stout 8.5% (Collab with De Molen)
Undercurrent 4.5% APA
Haunted Dreams 6.5% Herb/Spice
Soundwave 5.6% IPA
Liquid Mistress 5.8% Amber
Beer Geek Daydream 12% (Mikkeller collab) White Stout

Comment: Brand new beer in the Mikkeller "Beer Geek" series.

Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark)

20 6.8% IPA
Chill Pils Yuzu 4.7% Fruit Lager
Crooked moon Tattoo DIPA 9%
It's Alive! (Chardonnay Barrel with Mango) 8% Sour
Juice Bag without Citrus 7.9% Sour (Collab with To Øl)
Mexas Ranger 6.6% Chili Porter
BA Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter 6% Porter
Skor Brun (No information exist about this beer)
SpontanDoubleElderflower 7.7% Lambic Style Fruit Beer
SpontanDoubleCherry 7.7% Lambic Style Fruit Beer

Comment: Looking forward to the Yuzu beers.

Beer Here (Køge, Denmark)

Kremlin Crude 10% Imperial Stout
Rocketfuel 5,5% English Style IPA
Dark Hops 8,5% Black IPA
Nordic Rye (2012) 8% Dansk Gemmeøl (Lager?)
Mørke 7,5% Spiced Porter

Comment: A small but solid line-up!

Nørrebro Bryghus (Copenhagen, Denmark)

New York Lager 5.2% Lager
Bombay Pale Ale 6.5% IPA
King's County Brown Ale 5.5% Brown Ale
Nørrebro Julebryg 7% Belgian Ale
Herbie (Witt) 6,4%
Latin King (Wheat Stout) 7,2%
Seven Imperial Stout (American Oak) 12%
Seven Imperial Stout (Islay) 12 %
Groseille Rouge 7,2 % BA Sour
Stevens CCC Vintage 2009 8,5% Sour
Little Korkny Ale Niepoort Barrel 12% Barley Wine
Honey Oakwine 10,5% (Braggot/Mead)
Honey Oakwine Blend 10,5% (Braggot/Mead)

Comment: Nørrebro brings many retired and rare beers, they're also the only ones bringing mead.

Dugges Ale & Porterbryggeri (Landvetter, Sweden)

Blå Bärliner 3,6% Berliner Weisse
Lingon Bärliner 3,6% Berliner Weisse
APA 5,0% American Pale Ale
Orange Haze 6,3% IPA
Barrel Aged Winter Warmer 6,5% Black lager
American Hops in the Ardennes 7,0% BelgoIPA (Collab with Mohawk)
High Five! 7,5% IPA
Old Ale 7,8% Old Ale
Almost Imperial 8,2% DIPA
Idjit! 9,5% Imperial Stout
Perfect Idjit 11,2% Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Belgo Stout 12,0% Imperial Stout (Collab with CAP)

Comment: Lots of new stuff from Dugges as far as I can see, or they totally don't know what their beers are called when they send out lists, either or looks like good stuff to look forward to. 

All In Brewing (Göteborg, Sweden) (NEW ADDITION)

Sofa King Premium Lager (Collab with Dugges) 4.5% Lager
Imperial Porter (Collab with Lervig) 8.5% Porter
RLGK 10517 Celebration Stout 12% Imperial Stout

Põhjala (Tallinn, Estonia) (NEW ADDITION)

Odensholm 9% Porter (Collab with Lervig)
ÖÖ 10.5% Baltic Porter
Virmalised 6.5% IPA)
Rukkirääk 5.9% Rye Ale)
Odensholm 9% Porter aged in pinot noir barrels (Collab with Lervig)
Must Kuld 7.8% Lactose Porter
Must Kuld 7,8% Porter with raspberries
Saak 6.7% Pumpkin ale

So now you have the complete line-up!

- Haffy

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