Tuesday 28 October 2014

1349 Black Ale by Surly & Lervig

So finally here it is, the first collaboration beer between the band 1349, Surly Brewing Company & Lervig Aktiebryggeri. A beer that's been in planning for 4 years. You can hear the story in the video and also enjoy the awesome majestic music of the premiere Norwegian Black Metal band 1349!

Please watch in full screen HD, turn up the volume!

I have of course tasted this massive brew and I have to say I LIKE IT! When I first saw the recipe I was like, Woah that's just insane! I don't know how it's possible, but it actually works. I think I would call it an Black Imperial Cascadian Barley Wine Style Stout, hehe. It's packed with dark malts and strong espresso coffee, some of the batch has been barrel aged and it's heavily dry hopped, this is just one crazy beer you have to try. Dark as the abyss of a black hole, full bodied like Anna Nicole Smith, with the aroma of burnt churches and race car tires, this 13,49 ABV strong beer will knock you out like a pissed off Mike Tyson on cocaine.

Approved by Haffy

So where can you try this beast of brew? At the release, it will be in the loft at Tou Scene in Stavanger at Halloween (Friday 31.10.2014) during the sold out beer festival What's Brewing, 1349 will be there and so will brewmaster Mike Murphy of Lervig. The event will start at 19:00, see you there...

- Haffy

Here's a link to a news story in Norwegian that I wrote for ølportalen.

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