Wednesday 12 June 2013

Visit to Bryggselv Stavanger

Bryggselv is Norway's leading homebrew shop, they were started back in 2010 by Erik Schønsee. And now finally the shop in Oslo isn't the only one, cause May 4th this year a shop in Stavanger was opened. So I decided to pay them a visit to get the story from their own mouths. As a long time costumer of, I think Bryggselv have the best choices in malts, yeast and hops and also by far the fastest and friendliest service in Norway. It also helps that their prices are very competitive. Whenever I've needed some brewing advice, they have gladly helped me out and saved my brewday. So I'm really happy to have Bryggselv open a shop just down the corner from where I live.

The location of the shop is leased by Villgjær homebrewers Atle Eikenes Hansen & Nils-Henrik Stokke. And the hired help is the forever smiling homebrewers from Boulder Brewing; Hege Pedersen Ingebretsen and Aleksander Baustad. In this video you'll get to know all of them except Nils. I know it's a bit funny to hear a bunch of Norwegians speaking English to each other, so damn it if you're a non-Norwegian living in the Stavanger area and reading this. Take this as your call to pay Bryggselv a visit and to learn how to brew yourself. If you're a girl or a woman and think this male dominated environment seams scary, do not worry, Hege will be there to help you get started.

Now get your ass down to Verven 24 B and get started, it might be slightly tricky to find the door but if you look between the motorcycle club and the dive shop you'll find a little shop of awesomeness...

- Haffy

Please watch this video in full screen and with max resolution!

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