Friday 28 June 2013

Interview: Mikal Tengesdal of Melkebaren

The Milk Bar as it's called in English is getting better and better. And I'm not talking about the milk bar from Clockwork Orange where Alex gets his drug laced milk drinks. But even if there aren’t any knives in the drinks they serve at the milk bar in Sandnes, I'm sure you can find something that will sharpen you up! I still remember my first visit some years ago as a young "beer hunter", I wasn't sure. But now there's an ever-bigger focus on quality products and knowledge, the bartenders are even educated in beer, and that makes it a joy to order refreshments from the bartenders at Melkebaren. After talking to Mikal for a while it strikes me that this is a man with a vision, and I know that this won’t be the last time that us in Die By The Beer talk with Mikal for this blog.

As a facebook friend Mikal and me usually interacts when Norwegian law is the topic, to be specific alcohol law. Sandnes is at the edge of the bible belt of Rogaland, and the enforcers of the law follow a strict and old fashioned line over there. It's the typical way of a small town right? Even though Sandnes isn't that small, come on! Even under all this pressure from the rule riders in their little town, Mikal and Melkebaren has managed to make a name for themselves, and that speaks volumes. Especially when Mikal does all he can to follow those laws. Mikal is definitively not jumping on the "The end justifies the means" bandwagon, and I respect him for that. Even though I probably wouldn't do the same in his shoes.

There's no point writing any of the stuff Mikal talks about in the video interview, so without further ado here's Mikal Tengesdal the owner of Melkebaren in Sandnes... (Applause)

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- Haffy

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